Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today we are in Chicago at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool.

The landscape of blooming foliage, stone outcroppings, pavilion, and waterfall surrounding a lily pool provides a tranquil setting.

Chicago is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Alicia Piller.

Piller is a remarkably talented artist on the cutting edge of fashion.  In 2004, after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts and Anthropology from Rutger University, Piller moved to New York City to set up a studio. 

Here she paints powerful, thought provoking portraits, and she hand paints t-shirts with psychedelic-like portraits of Stevie Wonder, Billie Holliday, Frida Kahlo, Jimmie Hendricks, Bob Marley, and even President Obama.  She also creates necklace motifs on t-shirts.  She also creates custom-made painted tees accurately producing any specifications given to her.

Piller's inspiration for her oil, canvas paintings comes from a very personal place, "Over the past year I have had to endure a lot of self examination, as well as confrontations with the bold truth of the state of the world and what may become of it.

I feel, "There Will Be Life After Death" was a product of my own need to get away from the world, literally through art; only to be drawn back into the reality of my own subconscious thoughts and fears."

Piller also designs original pieces of fashion jewelry using glass and crystal beads with the focal point colorful suede.  Piller does not go the route of stringing a pendant through a suede cord.  Incredibly, she intertwines multiple pieces of suede into unbelievable miniature pieces of art that resemble three-dimensional, intricate spirals. 

Based on what I have viewed on her website, Piller creates elaborate earrings and necklaces.  For the adventurous soul, her mostly bib-type necklaces can also double as a provocative top.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have never seen anyone do what she is doing with suede. This is in a class by itself. It is phenomenal. Her designs can complement casual or formal wear.

She has recently started working with New York clothing designers whose models are photographed in magazine layouts wearing her pieces.

Piller's designs have been featured in Luire, Fader, Liberator, H.A.S., and Clutch magazines.Many New York boutiques retail her painted tees, ties, handbags, and suede jewelry.
Photo 1 (top left): 2007 Classics Suede Necklace With Beads
Photo 2 (bottom right): 2005 Suede Earring

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