Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today surfers are a bit of a distraction as they undertake the waves of the Pacific Ocean at Punta Hermosa Beach in Lima, Peru.

With the sound of waves and voices crackling behind us, we'll meet with Peruvian jewelry designer Anna Lia Barandiaran.

Having worked four years at an international jewelry company, Barandiaran's flame of passion for jewelry making was kindled.

As she developed her skills through involvement in workshops, Barandiaran tapped into her intuitive capacity for jewelry design.

Inspired by the beauty surrounding her and fueled with creativity, Barandiaran has designed 21 collections using manual tools. These designs fashioned from gold, sterling silver, and numerous gemstones are understated and contemporary.

Like Bill and Christina Steenson's jewelry line, her pieces are elegantly minimalistic with clean lines and touches of color.

Barandiaran also collaborates with fellow designer Adrian Miranda to design wonderfully feminine, delicate, and symbolic jewelry.

"We are dedicated to achieving tremendous quality. Our intention is to transmit freshness and joy with each versatile piece."

In 2004, Barandiaran displayed various jewelry items at Cirque a Porter in Dedalo, and Art for the Daily Life contest in Brazil.
Photo 1 (top right): Spring of Water Choker with Andean Opal
Photo 2 (bottom left): Amazon Sunset Necklace (Red Agate Stone with carved Carnelian
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