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Brass Bird Necklace
The rugged landscapes of the Finnish city Ivalo lends itself to such activities as canoeing, hiking and fishing. 

One of the city’s most unique pastimes is gold panning that takes place in the Ivalojoki River.  Finland is also home to featured jewelry designer Helga Mogensen.

Contemporary art jewelry is in a class by itself.  In most cases this jewelry niche is strictly interpretive, and is often visually non-descript or askew. 

Though contemporary art jewelry is created using traditional materials like 18-karat gold or sterling silver, jewelry artists most often turn to an unorthodox palette. 

This palette is used to create a stark kind of authenticity as the aesthetic is not based in beauty or what is fashionable. It is a daring aesthetic centered in the expression of feelings, experiences and relationships through thought provoking even whimsical ways.

The purpose of these designs is not about wearability as much as they are about creating a feeling or experience for the observer. 

Mogensen’s contemporary art pieces reflect the artist’s connection to family, moments in time, and “special” places. 

Items are as stylistically simple as the brass outline of a bird to the abstract Gold Chair Brooch that highlights driftwood and fish skin.  The components of Mogensen’s designs essentially represent both the tangible and intangible aspects of her life.
18K Gold Chair Brooc Pin with Sterling Silver,
Driftwood, and Fish Skin
“It can be difficult to ask oneself what is it that I thrive on as a designer, artist and maker.  For me it is quite simple actually: it is just life.  For me jewelry making is all about somehow transferring the feelings behind the experience into a tangible object that can perhaps be worn,” explains the jewelry artist.

“I have been going up to Iceland ever since I was a child to a special hideaway place where I go with my family every summer.  My use of driftwood and fish skin reflects our special retreat and its importance in my life. 
Sterling Silver, Steel and Fish Skin
Colored Blacks Necklaces

Tiny chairs, such as the one in my Gold Chair Brooch, represent people and places that are missing from my life. 

Overall my work suggests small things that are of great importance to me and therefore represent an honest pursuit to personalize my work through the truly meaningful things in my life.”
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