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Acrylic Choker Necklace
with Sterling Silver Chain
One of Sweden’s “three lands,” Norrland, holds one of the country’s largest cities, Umea.  Known as a cultural center Umea actively celebrates the arts with annual film and music festivals.

A large selection of literature is available at the Umea City Library, and would-be astronomers can learn about the vastness of the cosmos at the Umevatoriet observatory. 

Sweden is also home to featured jewelry designer Catrine Aberg.

Aberg’s ten-year-old brand, Cooee Design, reflects a very Wabi-Sabi approach to jewelry making. 

Constructed with laser cut acrylic (including Corian) pendant necklaces, cuff bracelets and dangle earrings are sleek and basic.  Forms like triangles, stars and circles populate the collections in an array of iridescent colors.

Worn individually her creations are modest yet playful; however when a variety of items are layered together the combination is wildly haute!  The choker necklaces and cuff bracelets, in particular, when worn together, evoke a pristine, immaculate kind of future where jewelry forms are uncluttered and chic.

These alternately haute and whimsical pieces are popular with Mischa Barton, Lana Del Rey, and the Swedish and Norwegian Crown Princess.  A lover of jewelry as a child Aberg used to wear her grandmother’s vintage clothes and jewelry. 
Model Wears Acrylic Necklace, Bracelets
and Rings
A one-time student of marketing and graphic design, the jewelry maker coined the brand’s name while living in Sydney, Australia.  “I was greatly inspired by Aboriginal art and Australia’s landscapes.  My brand’s name, Cooee, is an Aboriginal word that means “hi, hello,” she says.

Cooee Design actually started out as an interior design company.  In a few years we started making gradual changes where we began to focus more on jewelry making.  

We love to constantly extend our boundaries and develop new ideas.  Our knowledge about acrylic and all its possibilities have granted us the option to construct various design ideas.”
Acrylic Pink Rib Cage Cuff Bracelet

2015 Jewelry Trend AlertAberg’s fashionable acrylic designs make her on point with the style trend of costume jewelry.
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