Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Sea Foam Sterling Silver  Pebble Necklace
With picturesque details of lochs and blooming foliage, Dumfries, Scotland is a vision of natural beauty. 

However, there are also wonders of architecture such as the Castle Douglas; and educational centers like the Dumfries Museum that holds the first Christian carvings found in Scotland, along with fossils of prehistoric reptiles.

Scotland is also home to featured jewelry designer Alison Moore.

The design styles of Scottish designer jewelry range from the elegant yellow and white gold nature-inspired wares of Sheila Fleet to the experimental, avant-garde creations of Cari-Jane Hakes.  The one thread I believe connecting these jewelers is a sense of restraint in order to keep designs modest and accessible.

Moore, who also creates custom jewelry, has a clean yet playful aesthetic that possesses a quirky innocence with a subtle undercurrent of romance. 

Her affordable jewelry collections of primarily sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones highlight heavenly bodies, personalized jewelry, etched snowflakes, and replicated beach pebbles. 
Sterling Silver Rose Garden Drop Earrings
Moonstone, green chrysoprase, peridot and rose quartz provide muted, tranquil color schemes.  Stars and crescent moons of 9-karat gold accentuate silver stacking rings; hand stamped names are etched on heart pendants; and drop earrings feature clustered, jeweled circle forms that simulate pebbles.

Located in Dounby, Scotland Moore’s interest in geology spurred her advent into jewelry making.  “I have always been fascinated by minerals and this interest defines my collections,” she says.  “The gemstones I use are ethically sourced and gemstones often dictate a design.
Sterling Silver Stacking Rings with Jasper,
Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli

I love to experiment with different silversmithing techniques to add tactile finishes. 

My jewelry is a reflection of my personal style and I strive to create pieces that are understated, timeless yet utterly contemporary.”
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