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Ruby Bracelet
The city of Jodhpur, located in Rajastha, India, is a rousing location filled with stunning attractions built during the 15th century.  

The Umaid Bhawan Palace and Osiyan Temple are a sampling of the remarkable architecture of this storied city.  India is also home to Poonam Soni.

A number of jewelry designers claim that an unsuccessful search for a particular jewelry item steered them to take a bold leap into the industry and make their own designs.  

In a number of cases I don’t see where such designers’ jewelry required the restless, immediate launch of trinkets that frankly are not easily distinguishable from the inventory of other designers or jewelry manufacturers.

For this reason, in some cases I feel statements such as this have become woefully clichéd; however, in Soni’s case it is anything but.

Having grown up in India, Soni was exposed to superlative, extravagant jewelry designs like the stunning enamel and gold meenakari style.  Though she found jewelry design extremely fascinating since childhood she had not made plans to enter the field.

The designer credits an “inborn” sense of knowing how to cultivate elements of shading, form and texture into breathtaking design.  This natural talent came into play while searching for jewelry for a special occasion. 
18-Karat Gold Diamond and Ruby Itai Doshin Brooch Pin

When she did not find items specific to her ideas, she decided to sketch out what she envisioned and gave the sketch to a jeweler to create.  As a result, the jeweler offered her a position to work as his official designer!

Although the one-time sociology major only had some informal training in gemology, her passion for unique, innovative design led her to establish her own custom luxury jewelry brand in 1995.

Her goal was to provide her clients with a one-of-a-kind hybrid of traditional Indian jewelry styles cultivated in pieces chock full of onyx, amethysts and Antwerp-sourced diamonds that play within asymmetrical outlines.

In addition to ominous Indian structures like the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikei, Soni draws inspiration for her jewelry from scriptures, Spanish and medieval architecture, and Greek art.  Her drive and ambition have made her one of India’s most prominent jewelry designers. 

Soni’s expressive, distinctive vision teeters very close to contemporary art as she implements shells, leather and color variations of 18- and 22-karat gold including rust, green and mauve.  She also experiments with different textures of gold such as her signature “tissue look” which is a blend of golden threads woven together like threads of wool.

While Soni is dedicated to giving her clients what they want she is also confident about injecting her own ideas into custom jewelry designs.  “I am open to ideas but customers must realize I am a professional and that the money they invest is worth putting their trust in me. 
Necklace from Monochrome Collection

Quality design and exclusivity are the hallmark of my brand.

I don’t want to venture into mass production; I feel going this route will inevitably destroy my creativity.  I treat my collections as works of art.”
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