Tuesday, April 17, 2012


18-Karat Yellow Gold Breakup Ring
with Diamonds and Rubies
The Central Bank of Iran holds an amazing display of spectacular, centuries-old regalia known as the Iranian Crown Jewels.

The collection includes tiaras, crowns and thrones from the Safavid dynasty.  Iran is also the birthplace of Houman Omidifar.

I would say that Omidifar’s unique and beautiful unisex link bracelets, men’s cufflinks and exquisite, four-sided gold rings are thought-provoking contemporary designs cloaked in the guise of fine jewelry brand LUZ (pronounced “looze”).

Like a contemporary jewelry artist the California-based jeweler takes a complex subject—romantic relationships—turning the highs and lows, pathos and elation into vivid expressions of 18-karat white and yellow gold, platinum, diamond and rubies. 

I found this choice rather fascinating because jewelry in and of itself is inherently tied to emotion; Omidifar subsequently includes additional layers expressing intense emotional phases of a relationship through jewelry.

It all begins with a recurring heart shape; the centerpiece of each ring design.  Every curved peak, sharp angle, and raised edge represents an aspect of the psychology of falling in and out of love. 

The polished outlines are sleek and mechanistic like a supremely refined version of a bolt offset with white, caviar black diamonds or rubies that also hold specific meaning within these designs.  Though initially each ring design seems similar the intricacies reveal otherwise.

18-Karat Yellow Gold Enigma Men's Cufflinks
with Rubies and Diamonds

“I am creating something that is unique, daring and striking,” says the award-winning designer.  “I wanted to present a sense of romance with a somewhat debauched undercurrent.  I wanted to express the realities of life and the emotions experienced when falling in and out of love.

The LUZ brand is a tangible expression of each complex emotion with every line, curve and gemstone purposefully placed to depict its intended emotion,” he acknowledges.  “For example, the LOVE ring features two hearts that face one another—intrinsicially connected.  The cornerstones are punctuated by our signature gemstone detail: rubies.

The LOVE ring is followed by CHEAT, BREAKUP, ALONE, ANGER and transforming the story to optimisim through SECRETS, FLIRT, LUST, OBSESSION ONE, ENIGMA and finally culminating with the LUZ (meaning light in Spanish) Engagement Set.  My feeling is all love stories should have a happy ending,” says the graduate of Toronto, Canada’s George Brown College.

Omidifar incorporates CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to cultivate this amazing custom jewelry collection of gold and platinum rings.  The creation process takes up to six weeks but that is nothing out the ordinary for the seasoned goldsmith--who now enlists the assistance of a team of craftsmen--challenging design concepts is his forte.  

At the age of twenty-five he created a remarkable platinum necklace featuring rounded triangles with a complex inlay of twisted wires that link and holds a single triangle pendant.  The design won him the Honorable Mention Award of the Platinum Guild International 1998 Platinum Passior Design Competition.

The thirty-eight year old’s stunning collection of both women and men’s jewelry is definitely an expression of unique vision and new-fangled modernism; a distinction of which Omidifar is very proud.

18-Karat Yellow Gold LUZ Engagement Set
with Black Diamonds and Rubies
LUZ is the most unique unisex jewelry brand to hit the industry in quite some time. There is nothing else out there like this.  LUZ cannot be denied.”
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