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Sterling Silver Mountain-Side Flower
Vista Pendant Necklace with Ruby and Tourmaline
Canada’s Old Quebec City is the only city in the country protected by walls.

Alongside modern amenities like shopping areas and cafeterias, the city holds incredible attractions including the Breakneck Stairs; a wooden staircase built in the 17th century.  Canada is also home to Jennifer Cottreau.

Launched in December 2009 the subdued aesthetic of Cottreau’s self-titled jewelry brand is reminiscent of American designer Madelaine Mayer’s brand MRMR Designs.

Cottreau’s classically styled, handmade gemstone jewelry collections highlight the sunny glow of 14-karat gold-fill, the wintry tone of sterling silver and accents of opaque gemstones including tourmaline, pearl, ruby, apatite and amethyst.

The demure precious and semi-precious gemstones she implements in charm bracelets, gemstone pendants and gemstone earrings are cloudy shades of green, grey, blue and lilac. 

They evoke a foggy horizon over the ocean which comes as no surprise being that several of her collections follow a theme of nature and specifically bodies of water.   The jeweler’s Harbourfront, Seas of Atlas and Ocean Spirits Collections are inspired by gulfs, oceans and seas.

“My inspirations are quite broad and come from my love of nature, my background in art and design, and my admiration of fashion and beauty.  As a result, each collection tells a story and has a distinct personality.  The jewelry I create is romantic in thought and sophisticated by design.”

14-Karat Gold Fill Mesh Rondelle Earrings

In my opinion, many designs within separate collections are similar with linear tones and shadings so pieces can be easily mixed, matched and layered.  These pieces also make for great bridal and bridesmaid jewelry or every day wear.

“What I love about jewelry is its versatility and timelessness.  No matter what style of jewelry you like it has the ability to express individuality.  You can change your mood and the mood of your outfit; create balance or add character to classic pieces in your wardrobe.

I try to make my designs versatile so that they are flattening to any figure and can be dressed up or down.  I want everyone who wears my pieces to look and feel stunning.”

Sterling Silver Dance of Two Spirits
Bracelet with Pearl and Onyx
For more on Cottreau's designer jewelry be sure to view her Facebook page.
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