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Sterling Silver Blue Dew Floral
Pendant Necklace with Blue Topaz
Located in Bangkok, Thailand the Temple of Dawn (or the Wat Arun) is one of the world’s most famous temples. 

Its porcelain accented exterior and beautiful towers have made it one of the most photographed landmarks in Bangkok. Thailand is also home to Jantana.

The youngest of five children, Jantana grew up watching her parents create beautiful sterling silver custom jewelry, and on occasion she was allowed to help with the creation process.  These experiences would impact her for years to come.

“Because I have had the opportunity to observe my parents work and even help out sometimes I wanted to continue this family tradition.  After college, I worked for two years for a jewelry company and gained experience in new techniques,” she says.

“I visited my sister and her husband in Chiang Mai where they produce silverware in their home.  My sister invited me to help her.  Because I really like the region, I left my job and moved to Chiang Mai to live with my sister’s family.

While assisting my sister I have also been able to develop designs of my own.  Every time a shopper admires my work it makes me very happy and gives me greater motivation.”

The powerful and often good-natured elephant, particularly the rare white elephant, is the esteemed national symbol of Thailand, and this magnificent animal is featured prominently in Jantana’s breezy and playful sterling silver jewelry collections. 

Sterling Silver Lanna Moons Floral
Earrings with Blue Topaz

Angular, clear-cut elephant outlines are stacked on top of the other or in a single-file line in several designs including dangle earrings, silver rings and several silver pendants.

I particularly like her Elephants in Love Pendant Necklace the design of which is a bit of an optical illusion.  It features a cut-out heart shape; however, the arches of the heart, located at the top, are actually two elephant forms joined at the trunk and a smaller heart dangles from the union of their trunks.

Her collections also include classic silver hoops, heart pendants, teardrop earrings, stackable gemstone rings in 24-karat gold vermeil, and cute astrology jewelry highlighting the Chinese Zodiac. 

Like all of Jantana's classically styled baubles her zodiac charms are handmade but these charm pendant necklaces are patterned after “China’s millenary paper cutting art known as jianzhi.”  The figures are cut from sheets of brushed sterling silver.  Overall, her jewelry pieces are clean and modern with a touch of whimsy.
Sterling Silver Moon Comet Ring

“My designs are crafted by hand—almost every step of the process. I am happy to be living in Northern Thailand and to work at something I enjoy.

My parents are so happy that we are carrying on their silver jewelry tradition.”
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