Saturday, April 28, 2012


Sterling Silver and Gemstone Necklace
from Stone Clover Collection
The British Museum, located in London, England, holds a number of renowned antiquities including the multi-lingual message etched on the Rosetta Stone, and the sprawling Great Court of Queen Elizabeth II.  England is also home to Selina Campbell.

After years of study Isreali jeweler David Weitzman of Ka Gold Jewelry learned that nature and architecture are based in the same”geometrical shapes and laws.”

With that in mind, Campbell’s approach to her leaf-inspired Floral Outline Collection is taking something in nature—a leaf—and literally breaking it down into a geometric structure.

Though punctuated with sleek, simple curvatures the oxidized and polished sterling silver leaf designs are unique interpretations which the silversmith layers in earring and pendant necklace designs ultimately creating a broader pattern.

Based on the items on her website, Campbell’s creation process is in some ways rather straightforward.  She keeps her palette of materials understated working primarily with sterling silver, green amethyst, and grey and white pearls. 

Sterling Silver Three Pearl Bracelet
With the exception of her rather intricate Dahlia Collection outlines within her Stone Clover and Folded Bud collections are pretty clear-cut in their geometric forms; but as I have discovered seemingly simplistic designs are always underscored by the precision of craftsmanship.

“I hand make the majority of my designs using techniques such as soldering, piercing, hand finishing and polishing.

I use traditional soldering techniques to assemble all my objects.  I enjoy building each piece to create something unique and new,” says the graduate of Staffordshire University.

“I aspire to create three-dimensional forms that capture the beauty of flora and fauna and explore all aspects of nature.  I am greatly inspired by the spontaneous layered structures and geometric patterns displayed in nature.

Sterling Silver Layered Floral Pendant Necklace
with Freshwater Pearl
None of my pieces are ever exactly the same as I construct them myself and this creates a natural, spontaneous growing pattern.”
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