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Sterling Silver and Glass Sisterhood
Pendant Necklace
Kajaani is a centuries-old town, located on the coast of Lake Oulujarvi, in Finland.  Among the prominent attractions of the town are the Kaajani Church that is made entirely of wood, and the ruins of the 17th century Kajaani Castle.  Finland is also home to Marja Suna.

Classically styled jewelry is what it is.  It is neither garish nor statement making; it does not reflect social commentary in the sense that some contemporary jewelry does.   However, I do believe this design style makes its own statement just in a pared down way.

The voice of classicism can be linear like the designs of Jean Van Dinh (Vietnam-France) or sculptural like those of Ippolita Rostagno (Italy) or K Robbins.  Suna believes that every creative work should originate from a strong concept or message.  As is typical of Scandinavian design style, Suna brings depth and nuance to her minimalist sterling silver jewelry collections featured at Kalevala Jewelry.

A former fashion designer for Finnish clothing brand Marimekko, Suna’s passion for expressing creativity through multiple outlets has accumulated in over fifty years in the fashion industry! 

Thirteen years ago, the celebrated artist was awarded the Fashion Designer of the Year; and just recently, in 2010, she was the recipient of the prestigious Kaj Franck Design Prize for her tireless artistic contributions that include work with glass, paper and of course precious metals.

Sterling Silver Plisse Brooch Pin

Intrigued by the challenge of working with varied materials, Suna’s advent into jewelry design began in 1998.  Gathering metals that include sterling silver, bronze and gold Suna traveled a long, glorious road in which she married functionality with lyrical beauty.

Snow flowers, pleated fabric, and the perseverance of women inform the sterling silver pendants, silver brooch pins, and silver earrings featured at Kalevala Jewelry.  Her commemorative Sisterhood Collection, which pays homage to the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, highlights beautiful sterling silver and glass pendants strung on what appears to be silk ribbon; an inclusion that causes the piece to resemble a medal of honor.

Sterling Silver Snow Flower
Pendant Necklace
“I think of jewelry in the same way I approached fashion design,” says Suna.

“I think of jewelry as part of a completed outfit or an extension of clothing. With this in mind, I create jewelry that is elegant and tailored to certain occasions.”
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