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18-Karat Gold Plated Ametrine Cocktail Ring
Located within Brazil’s lush Amazon Rainforest is the late 19th century opera house, The Teatro Amazonas.  

Designed in a stunning Renaissance style by Italian architect Celestial Sacardim, the structure was constructed for the express purpose of making it a grand center of civilization.  

Brazil is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Thisbe Gonçalez.

A native of Brazil, who presently calls Greece home, Gonçalez is one of many Brazilian jewelers that include Claudia Lobão, Carla Amorim, and Luciana Cätao who represent the fresh wave of talent the country has to offer.

Formally educated in Brazil and Greece, Gonçalez holds degrees in advertising and marketing (from the University Anhembi Morumbi in Brazil) as well as jewelry design, jewelry fabrication and industrial design (from Brazil’s University of Vicosa, the FAAP School of Arts and the Handmade Jewelry Department of Greece’s EES Galileo). 

Her elegant jewelry collections of 18-karat gold plated sterling silver, accented with semi-precious or precious gemstones, reflect a buoyant grace that contrasts the traditionally daring and vivid Brazilian aesthetic.

“Since I was very young I liked to draw; to design.  My interest in jewelry design began when I studied jewelry production; but the models used in my jewelry classes did not represent my sense of style.  So I started to design pieces that I would produce,” she recalls.

Her classic yet organic style is a marriage of influences from her native Brazil and Greece.  “I have lived in Greece since 2001.  The inspiration for the creation of my jewelry comes from the exotic beauty of Brazil as well as ancient Greek culture.  Greek culture strongly influences my production process,” she says.
18-Karat Gold Plated Flowers Necklace
“Greece’s beautiful beaches, clear waters, white architecture and vibrant blue sky always give me new ideas.  I recently won a contest for jewelry design with a piece I made called Dromea.  The theme of the design is ancient Greek culture and in October 2011 that piece was shown at a jewelry exhibition in Thessaloniki.”

Her necklaces and gemstone earrings—particularly from her Forest Collection—combine delicate gold plated chains with gemstones like amethyst and green tourmaline.  Some designs seem to mimic berries while others are interpretations of flowers.

Her collection of stunning cocktail rings reveal a vivacious side to the designer while still maintaining a clear vibe of sophistication and elegance.  These ring designs highlight large, beautifully faceted gemstones like rose quartz, blue topaz and ametrine.

She also creates very soft, feminine ring pendants implementing white quartz, amazonite and smoky quartz as focal points.  These unique gemstone rings forego the pronged setting; instead the gemstone sways daintily from the shank.

“Surely the time in Brazil right now is a landmark in its fashion history.  The Brazilian jewelry exports are rising due to a combination of factors:  the ascension of the price of gold in international markets; the sophistication and creativity in design; and the increase of exports in emerging markets.
18-Karat Gold Plated Ring Pendant with
Amazonite, Peridot and Quartz

For me, I always try to use alternative materials such as rubber, wood, leather and vegetable fibers in the production of my pieces. 

The versatility of the process of jewelry production expresses so much about my personality.  There is always something changing. There is always something new to adapt and refit, just like me.”
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