Monday, January 30, 2012


9-Karat Yellow and White Gold Pendant
Necklace from Reef Knot Collection
A popular tourist attraction in Scotland is the 12th century structure known as the Holyrood Palace.  A one-time monastery, the palace continues to serve as the residence for Scottish royalty.  

Well-preserved and lavish interiors as well as beautiful exterior gardens make the palace an exquisite sight to behold.  Scotland is also home to featured jewelry designer Sheila Fleet.

Creative inspiration is a force all its own.  It can come in waves at any given time or it will make itself a home and stay with you for a while until the process of creation is complete. 

Since starting my blog it is clear to me that varied sources of inspiration do not birth generic, ordinary designs but rather eclectic jewelry collections imbued with panache and nuance.

While I can understand the universal appeal of such classic jewelry items as initial and nameplate jewelry, I do not necessarily view them as artistically expressive. 

Fleet’s eloquent, high-end jewelry of 9-, 14-, and 18- karat gold, platinum, sterling silver and enamel minutiae reflects the designer’s fascination with Scottish folklore and the idyllic natural wonders of Scotland’s Orkney Islands.

9-Karat Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet
from Tidal Collection

A graduate of Scotland’s Edinburgh College of Art, Fleet has created nearly 50 gold and silver jewelry collections.  Pendant necklaces, gold rings, and bangle bracelets are powerful yet elegant interpretations of megaliths, the movement of ocean currents or the mysterious Rowan Tree.

“Throughout history many cultures of the world have venerated trees believing them to have divine or magical powers,” says the jeweler.  “In Scottish lore, the Rowan Tree has been held as a 'Tree of Life '; a protector from harm.  Its berries are symbolic of life and renewal.”

Sterling Silver and Enamel Ring
from Flagstone Collection
Fleet implements the lost wax process to bring her lovely jewelry items to life.  Outlines are graceful yet organic with hammered, textured or brushed surfaces resulting in stylish pieces with a lyrical, sweeping essence.

“I always feel the challenge of what lies ahead because I have lots of new ideas ready to develop,” she explains. “I have a passion for my island environment and I create designs that reflect the sea, sky and landscape colors.

While in the research and development stage, I feel like my designs take on an energy that cultivates into a meaningful expression of my chosen subject.”
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