Monday, January 16, 2012


Sterling and .950 Silver and Pearl
Popocatepetl Snow Charm Bracelet
A one-time prison and police station, Italy’s Bargello Museum now contains splendid antiquities dating back to a time-frame between the 14th and 17th centuries.  

Italy is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Roberto Salvato.

Mayan symbols are the basis of many of Salvato’s minimalist, .950 silver jewelry collections. 

His glamorous yet earthy and rustic silver earrings, cuff bracelets and silver pendants with their clean lineation and angles highlight cutouts, surface textures, concentric spirals and accents of pearls, onyx, carnelian and obsidian.

Due to his love for “putting on plays and acting,” the Mexico-based designer studied cinema and photography as well as jewelry making.  “My jewelry designs became part of the props in my plays,” says the 57-year-old.

After relocating to Mexico 35 years ago to pursue his theatrical aspirations, he found that the history of artisanship of his adoptive homeland fueled his jewelry creations.  “I like living in Mexico; it is an interesting place where new things are always happening.  I admire Mexican artistry.  There are many artisans who work with a free spirit that reaches the soul.”

Salvato’s aesthetic radiates with a demure quality.  The shimmer of white pearls seamlessly offsets the subtle tones of silver; the ethereal circle link necklaces gently drape the neckline; and the hammered square discs of his Crimson Heart Link Bracelet has a warrioresque vibe.
Sterling and .950 Silver Maya Universe
Drop Earrings

“My dreams for the future include to continue my work as a jewelry designer and to be able to open a performing arts school so I can transmit what I have learned.

My jewelry designs are happy and they are intended to bring happiness.”
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