Wednesday, April 20, 2011


18-Karat White Gold Tulip Pendant Necklace
with White Pearl
Built during the late 19th century, the Old World grandeur of The Bishop’s Palace, located in Galveston, Texas, is a stunning display of Victorian architecture.

It is listed in the American Institute of Architects “as one of the 100 most significant buildings in the United States”.  Texas is also home to featured jewelry designer Katie Decker.

With the Red Hot Chili Peppers in her IPod and a penchant for decadent indulgences like Mint and Chocolate Ice cream, Decker sounds like your average 20-something. 

However, in 2006, during a summer gig at Judith Ann Jewels, the economics major’s artful doodling of lacy Baroque and Gothic jewelry designs that graced the pages of her finance books captured the attention of the store’s owner, Judi Bufkin.

“My mom, Liz, was a huge influence in becoming a jewelry designer,” says Decker.  “I was always sneaking into her jewelry box.  I have always enjoyed drawing and anything artistic.  Judi took an immediate interest in my jewelry sketches and she asked me to design some to sell at her store.”

By 2008, she had developed a full-fledged fine jewelry collection that showcase the delicate open work of 18-karat yellow gold and diamond Gothic Cross Pendants and gold and diamond Venetian Cuff Bracelets.

Since then, Decker has continued to make strides including being chosen by Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK) to appear at its Rising Stars Las Vegas trade show in 2010.  Her stunning designer jewelry epitomizes timeless femininity in the lyrical grandeur of magnificent gemstone rings, Tahitian pearl pendants, lithe hoop earrings, and the gentle drape of 18-karatt gold chains peppered with diamonds. 

“My jewelry is inspired by my travels, studies and imagination.  I love to draw intricate, lace-like designs.  I love designs that have a lot of visual interest from every angle.
18-Karat Yellow Gold Elizabeth Cuff Bracelet
with Diamonds

Hands-down I am your classic, all-American girl.  I try to strike a balance between classic and contemporary. 

I try to keep it feminine, light, and airy.  I think my designs evoke a timeless sophistication for passing down through the generations.”
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