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14-Karat Gold Bone Crusher Head Band
At nearly 130-years-old New York’s Brooklyn Bridge continues to be an iconic element of the state’s skyline.  After its construction in 1883, it held the title of the world’s longest suspension bridge for twenty years.  New York is also home to featured jewelry designer Jules Kim.

I love it when a designer has a brazen philosophy regarding his or her aesthetic.  It adds an indelible edge to their designer jewelry that contrasts the often studied refinement of mainstream jewelry. 

Kim’s alternately brash and soulful manner of communicating is disarming. 

At one moment the former fashion publicist will drop f-bombs while discussing her early days as a flautist; and then speak in lyrical tones about the special beauty of pearls.  These contrasting aspects of personality are compelling and both qualities find their way into her provocative designer fashion and fine jewelry.

I find Kim’s raw candor fresh and real.  She is tough-minded; unafraid to push the boundaries of taste such as her jewelry items inspired by and made for the.  . . nether regions (these items are not featured on her official website btw).

However, from what I have observed on her official website, Bijules, Kim’s interpretations of bird skulls, snakes, and bones reflect the soul of an artist.  With design studies completed in both France and New York under her belt, for the most part pendant necklaces, gold and silver rings, and clip on earrings each reflect a sense of debauchery and sophistication.  With sleek, minimalist proportions they are unconventional statement pieces.

“My jewelry collections mirror the beautiful and chaotic world we inhabit with all of its humor, tragedy, ambivalence, love and hate,” she says.  Kim’s duality, in my opinion, is embodied most in her Scream and Spirit Collection that features the semblance of bones in 14-karat gold vermeil.  Bones as symbols always conjures up images of death and the macabre but in actuality bones also symbolize life and even God.

These pared down, sculptural pieces include 14-karat gold bone cross necklaces and a stunning head band called the Bonecrusher; the design of which is a semi-circle worn across the forehead displaying a delicate bone fringe.
14-Karat Yellow, White and Black Gold Rock Rings

Her golden brass Gelfing Ear Tip is “a Bijules original creation” steeped in rebellion for those who “defy the current fashion standards.”  It is a diminutive ear piece to be worn on the upper, outer ear causing an uncanny resemblance to an elf’s ear.

There is the sinewy coil of her three-finger snake ring; earrings made with real, hand-dyed hair; a striking Diamond Pavé Nail Ring worn by Beyoncé in her Sweet Dreams music video (wearing the metallic bodysuit); and the profound and poetic nuance of her three-panel Shattered Dreams Necklace.

“The Shattered Dreams Necklace tells a story of the aging process,” she explains.  “As we grow older things get complicated, shatter and fall apart.  Only as responsible adults can we put the pieces back together.”

Cultivated in both anarchy and classicism, Kim’s seven-year old jewelry brand is visually deceptive where you have what looks like a classic design but upon closer inspection you find that the piece is actually the semblance of a lock knife. 
Shattered Dreams Necklace

“A lot of my jewelry pieces look like it is piercing something but it is really not.  There is always this ironic twist to almost every single piece I have made.  My work translates into a comfortable niche in the hip-hop community but it also moves within hipster/fashionista culture. 

The pieces are effective forms of self-expression and regardless of who you are or what you do for a living a piece will suit you.”

For more on the outspoken designer be sure to check out MissOmni’s video feature with Kim discussing her Spring 2010 Collection.

Also, in December 2011 an assortment of Kim's rings will be featured in  the film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo as worn by actor Rooney Mara who portrays dark and edgy Lisbeth Salander.
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