Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Named for 19th century explorer Zebulon Pike, Colorado Springs, Colorado’s Pikes Peak is a “visible landmark” of the Rocky Mountains distinguished by the summit’s pink granite. Colorado is also home to featured jewelry designer Andrea Li.

Though the complementary relationship between clear diamonds and 18-karat white gold is indelibly breathtaking there is no question that jewelry fashioned with the singular use of either precious metals or precious gemstones highlight the extraordinary aesthetic appeal of these respective components.

Li’s stunning gemstone jewelry of Mystic topaz, grey pearls, and aquamarine showcases the sheer nuanced beauty of semi-precious and precious gemstones.

When Li began her excursion into jewelry making eleven years ago, she was well aware that putting a unique take on what already exists in the market was central.

While living in Amsterdam, Li used sculpture as a channel to blend functionality with art. “In the art or fashion world an original idea simply does not exist. No one can reinvent the wheel but we can offer a fresh way to perceive it.”

Using 14-karat gold chains and jewelry wire Li’s design approach is based in naturalism and free-form as she allows the individual gemstones to dictate the design while also drawing inspiration from nature. “Earth’s vast array of beauty is in every aspect of my designs from the alchemy of color palettes to the emulation of existing organic artistry.”

While many of her gemstone necklaces are clearly bold and statement making the lithe delicate drape of others is reminiscent of Hawaiian lei; buoyant rather than bulky feminine rather than brazen. They are a fabulous amalgamation of muted, deep and fluid colored semi-precious and precious gemstones in various sizes, shapes and textures.

She creates distinctive brooch pins for men composed of subtle, earth-toned gemstones of black and chocolate brown. The gemstone earring designs are so ethereal constructed with dainty 14- and 24-karat gold or sterling silver chains suspending dollops of shimmering color that resemble delicate metallic webs littered with gemstones.

Of course designer jewelry of such complexity requires many hours to produce (20-100 hours to be exact) and Li’s passion to create one-of-a-kind jewelry items propels her. “Couture jewelry should be fun,” she says, “Jewelry should be for the amusement of the wearer as well as to achieve a fashionable look.

Jewelry should become an iconic part of a woman’s personality and character. It should be a reflection of the qualities that set her apart and makes her unique thus unconventionality has always been central to my work.”

A selection of Li’s striking jewelry designs are available to buy online at Goldyn.com.
Photo 1 (top right): Sterling Silver Necklace with Australian Opal, Tanzanite, Chalcedony, Pink Amethyst and Pearl
Photo 2 (center): Sterling Silver Cluster Ring with Balinese Silver Beads, Keshi Stick Pearls and White Topaz
Photo 3 (bottom left): Peruvian Calcite Drop Earrings with Thai Sterling Silver Beads

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