Monday, January 3, 2011


Italy’s beautiful Isle of Capri is an astounding locale of natural beauty, and modern amenities. In addition to swimming, hiking, and a vibrant night life, a great place to visit is the 14th century monastery Garden of Augustus. Italy is also home to featured jewelry designer Misara (a/k/a Maria) d’Avossa.

The visual impact of jewelry is often like pulling back window curtains and letting the sun’s rays spill in.

The stunning, high-end designer jewelry of d’Avossa literally accosts the senses with vivid hues, organic forms, and surface textures by way of undulating 18-karat gold, pave’ sets, and chunky or faceted rubies, quartz, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds.

Interestingly d’Avossa’s magnificent array of bijouterie was born from personal heartache; her marriage had ended. However, she chose to channel her love of jewelry as a way to transform her pain into “an expression of pure joy and creativity.”

“I draw inspiration from the bright colors of the Mediterranean. I build my jewelry on my passion for rare gems,” says d’Avossa.

“Gemstones look magical because of their infinite tones, and colors; and different cuts enhance their beauty. My creative process can sometimes sprout from a gem that becomes the heart of a jewelry piece.”

The designer’s Stars Powder and Sea Colors collections highlight pearl bracelets, gold necklaces, and gold rings that are a bit baroque and subversive yet feminine in its proportions. Every piece from the online gallery is a complete standout.

The necklaces feature multi-strands of gemstone beads with accents of gold beads or pearls. There is a fabulous necklace of multiple, slender gold chains that is like a bulk of shorn, golden tresses.

The single, luminous gemstones that compose her gemstone pendants are large and fluid in color often offset with outlines of pavé sets reminiscent of the Etruscan style jewelry of ancient days. There are also great dangling gemstone earrings that are like little bulbs of gold and gemstones.

The rings are so chock full of rich surface minutiae they seem like living organisms. It is a dramatic, extravagant style that some may find a little garish but I think it is just gorgeous.

The jewelry’s vivid complexity seems to reflect a zest for life as though every detail of every moment must be captured and preserved. “I work with my daughter Cristiana who shares my passion and enthusiasm,” says d’Avossa. “We both are on a quest for an ideal beauty. Our jewelry is designed for a woman who looks for something unique.

A piece has its own history and has been created to reflect a woman’s style, personality and mood. This creation will come to life and blend in with the woman who wears it.”
Photo 1 (top right): Gemstone Earrings from Sea Colors Collection
Photo 2 (center): Pearl and Gold Cuff Bracelet from Sea Colors Collection
Photo 3 (bottom left): Gemstone Ring from Sea Colors Collection
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