Monday, January 24, 2011


It is a remnant of Andean independence; it is a conservatory for marine life; and a locale of unrivaled beauty. Paracas, located near Lima, Peru bursts with scenery of rare birds, peaceful beaches and an ancient wharf. Peru is also home to featured jewelry designer Gloria Gamio Álvarez.

Like Thailand, Mexico, and Indonesia, Peru is another location renowned for exceptional silversmith artisans; however, many Peruvian silversmiths have the added distinction of working with higher quality .950 silver.

Álvarez’ visually stunning and technically intricate, ethereal work of silver pendants, and cuff bracelets reflects her deftness at metalwork as well as her love, and passion for jewelry making.

Since 1996, she has actively pursued training “to better my skills” ultimately cultivating creations inspired by flora, lace and labyrinths.

The complexity of the looping wire work that caresses sleek, silver beads, pearls or garnets; exquisite arabesque details; delicate spirals that become floral patterns or the transient pattern of a link necklace are striking. Her designer jewelry is a sheer expression of lucid creativity that is elegant and modern.

“The art of jewelry was born in me while I was a child. I have always thought that working in jewelry crafting is not work at all—it is fun. I found my greatest passion in jewelry.”

With her own workshop, for the last twenty years, Álvarez takes time to teach others the craft she loves through missionary work. “I offer workshops for people in the community who want to learn something that will help them get ahead. I have assisted people with selling their products; this made them feel really good,” she says.

“After so many years of creating designs, I still feel that each piece fills me with satisfaction and the joy of knowing that someone else likes what I do.”
Photo 1 (top right): .950 Silver Spiral Melody BraceletPhoto 2 (bottom left): .950 Silver Rose of the Wind Necklace
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