Tuesday, November 2, 2010


North of Lima, Peru, near the Marañón River, stands the cultural remnants of the pre-Incan people known as the Chavín.

The archaeological site, called the Chavín de Huántar, holds the ruins and artifacts of this bygone civilization. Peru is also home to featured jewelry designer Carol Noriega.

Like fellow Peruvian jewelry artists Rocio Talavero, and mother-daughter design team Lily and Sandra Indocochea, Noriega’s design style is all about minimalism.

The gentle curves and loops of sterling silver morph into curlicues, spirals, and circle patterns accented with the lush, deep hues of amazonite, hematite, and turquoise.

The ethereal designs seem like placid coiling strands of a silver web, while placements of gemstones alternately dangle or cluster like colorful drops of rain.

“I got my start in the world of art looking at jewelry in shop windows,” says Noriega, “I loved what I saw and wondered if I could make my own; so I tried it.”

I love the gentle, transient quality of her sterling silver necklaces, silver cluster rings, and sterling silver earrings. I do not feel that elegance is solely defined by streamlined proportions; interesting design quality and arrangement of the materials ultimately enhances the jewelry making it graceful and stylish.

Noriega’s skills display her great capacity for beautiful fluidity, and subtle details. It takes a true creative spirit to know how to make simple jewelry extraordinary.

“I would describe this wonderful art as something delicate and elegant. I have worked as a jeweler since 2004, and my motivation comes from my creativity and inspiration at the moment.

“I strive to transmit elegance and beauty in my jewelry so that the woman who wears it feels good about it.”
Photo 1 (top right): Sterling Silver Energy Chandelier Earrings with Garnets
Photo 2 (center): Sterling Silver Raceme Cocktail Ring with Malachite Clusters
Photo 3 (bottom left): Sterling Silver Shimmer Bead Necklace with Hematites
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