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White Metal Alloy Maria Clara Drop Earrings
The infectious energy of a Mardi Gras parade is one of the many draws of the Philippines’ oldest city, Cebu.

A hub for trade and business, Cebu also has a reputation for its many scenic islands where diving enthusiasts thrive.

The Philippines is also home to featured jewelry designer Angela Angeles.

Angeles’ array of drop earrings, cuff bracelets, and choker necklaces provide an opulent, high-end appearance at affordable prices.  Her Fleur De Lis Short Earrings go for $90; while her Pearl of the Orient Necklace goes for $320. 

Composed alternately of sterling silver, 14-karat - and 18-karat yellow and white gold, and “white metal alloy” Angeles’ aesthetic rekindles the sultry images of Old Hollywood sirens. 

Clear Preciosa and Swarovski Crystals, and baroque and freshwater pearls help bring this lyrical and ethereal style to life.

Cuff bracelets that resemble Victorian lace, and pearl accented necklaces like Angeles’ Grey Baroque Pearl punctuate the stunning alignment of vintage and modern sensibilities.  These lavish statement pieces rival items from the archives of longstanding, high-profile fine jewelry brands.

During her youth, Angeles’ interest in ornately detailed baubles encouraged hands-on experimentation with jewelry making.  While studying architecture in college she decided to obtain a more formal introduction to crafting jewelry by enrolling in “summer jewelry design courses” at London’s Central Saint Martin

White Metal Alloy FAW Necklace with White Crystals
Angeles girded herself with more information provided by Burmese jewelry designer Wynn Wynn Ong; and she acquired a full scholarship to the London branch of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Confident with her extensive background, Angeles began the thoughtful process of developing her design philosophy, as well as reflecting on her inspiration sources. 

“People are starting to appreciate jewelry as art pieces.  They are after all sculptural, wearable art pieces that take as much time, effort and talent to make [as other types of art]. 

I personally oversee material selection and work closely with craftsmen to ensure that the quality and attention to detail caters to the tastes of women who value timeless style with boldly modern twists.”

Inspired by angel wings, Sandro Boticelli’s Birth of Venus, and “native Philippines materials” the jeweler builds a haute style rooted in elegance and sophistication.

“I leave room for evolving my design philosophy; but there is an underlying architectural and natural elegance.  At the heart of my brand is a passion for blending intricate details.”
White Metal Alloy Maple Leaf Cuff Bracelet

2015 Jewelry Trend AlertAngeles’ bold and feminine collections pack a wallop with three of the year’s style trends: statement cuff bracelets, vintage-inspired designs, and statement necklaces.
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