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Sterling Silver Salmon of Knowledge Pendant Necklace
For those who happen to visit Galway, Ireland in July you might be fortunate enough to see its annual art festival. 

The festival is renowned for its Macnas Parade—a “street dancing event showcasing Ireland’s rich musical history.” 

Ireland is also home to featured jewelry designer Garrett Mallon.

When you think about the look of jewelry in many cases glamour is an inherent quality. 

However, sometimes a jeweler is not as interested in a particular look as wanting to convey a feeling.

Mallon’s elegant contemporary Irish jewelry of sterling silver, 18-karat gold and gemstones conveys those intangible visceral responses.   His beautiful Celtic Flame Pendant, for instance, represents “the passion and fire of the Celtic race”, and depicts the eternal flame of St. Bridget.

Inspired in part by song lyrics and old Irish legends, his lyrical aesthetic is a blend of sleek, overlapping curvatures, fanciful floral accents, concaves and tactile surfaces. 

A seasoned jewelry maker, with more than 25 years of experience, Mallon hand fabricates his jewelry working with “a blank sheet of metal,” and implementing hand saws and emery paper to construct a design. 
Sterling Silver Wildflower Small Ring with Rubies
With his workshop situated “on the shores of Carlingford Lough,” the jeweler understandably also draws inspiration from his scenic surroundings.  In fact, his Cloicin Collection is inspired by the small stones and pebbles that litter the shoreline.

“I live in a truly beautiful place and my collections reflect this.  I mold and shape metal by contrasting textures to reflect nature’s forms,” says the member of Craft and Design Collective

“I also do custom jewelry.  Some people think custom jewelry is a daunting process, but it starts with a simple conversation.
Sterling Silver Cloicin Rectangle Earrings

I always welcome the opportunity to talk with customers about ideas. 

I use several different techniques before the piece is ready to be presented to a customer.  I am happy to create a unique piece of jewelry,” he enthuses.
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