Thursday, November 20, 2014


Azacualpa Life Bracelet with Ceramic and
Pewter Discs
Italy’s Cinque Terre (or Five Lands) is known for its “rustic feel,” as well as purity and simplicity.

Perhaps the locale’s most striking feature is houses poised on cliffs that overlook picturesque landscapes.

Italy is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer AlessandraFoletti.

Foletti’s storied advent into jewelry making began thirty-five years ago, in 1979, when she and her husband “volunteered to work with Amazon communities in Ecuador.”

At that time she met several female ceramists and her fascination with the handicraft began. 

Within four years, in 1983, she and her husband relocated to Honduras “to work with the Lenca people.”  Here Foletti met more ceramists, and she wanted to help sustain their livelihood and traditions.

“I was able to present a project to the country’s government that would support women ceramists.  I have always been passionate about creating jobs and offering income opportunities to communities based on their rich cultural legacy,” she says.
Modern Pewter Ancient Art Pendant Necklace
with Red Suede Cord
Foletti and her skilled team of women artisans create subtle yet hearty jewelry collections of beaded bracelets, beaded necklaces and bead drop earrings.  Inspired by pre-Hispanic cave paintings, Mayan symbols, and mysticism jewelry items are clean and classic.

Consisting primarily of pewter charms and silver and ceramic beads designs highlight cultural hues of stonewashed blues, gingers, pea greens and caramels.  It is an organic, unpretentious style suited for every day wear but imbued with the breadth of ancient cultures.

“The underlying theme of my work is the fusion between anthropology and design by rescuing traditions and renewing them under a contemporary vision.
Azacualpa Legacy Earrings with Ceramic Beads
and Sterling Silver Hooks

My greatest dream is to create other successful collections and continue creating job opportunities for women.

I want to continue developing as an artist; creating objects with a cultural and social value—a message of hope to the world.”
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