Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Sterling Silver
Navy Shimmer Earrings with
Pearl and Chalcedony
Overlooking Moatha Lake is the majestic Amber Fort.  Located northeast of Rajasthan in Amber, India the centuries-old structure is well-known for its distinctive exterior made with red and white sandstones.  

Its interior boasts extraordinary fresco paintings and mosaics.  India is also home to featured jewelry designer Ritu Aggarwal.

Classic jewelry style affords itself plenty of versatility.  Designs can be casually plain, pretty or beautifully elegant.  Designs can be worn to work, a night on the town, or while running errands. 

Aggarwal’s reserved gemstone jewelry of opaque and translucent semi-precious gemstones reflect spiritual oneness, love of nature, tribal flourishes as well as traditional East Indian aesthetics.

The jeweler’s fixation on all things jewelry came naturally as she grew up in what is known as the “City of Gems”, Jaipur, India.  

But unlike many residents of Jaipur, Aggarwal did not grow up in a home of jewelry artisans.  It was not until she met the man who would become her husband that a world of jewelry quite literally opened up to her.

 “I have always wanted to be connected to this wonderful world of gems and jewelry,” beams Aggarwal.  “Many people in Jaipur have a long lineage in crafts and trade; a tradition handed down from generation-to-generation.  My husband is one of those people.  His family has worked in design and crafting of jewelry for many years.  He slowly encouraged me to create jewelry.”

Sterling Silver Treasure Waterfall Necklace
with Pearl and Amethyst
 Aggarwal’s Novica collection is populated with shamballa bracelets: a design highlighting open silver orbs that hold spheres of a single gemstone including carnelian, jade, onyx and chalcedony.  Each semi-precious gemstone serves a specific purpose like attracting life energy and love, or protection against negativity.

Gemstone necklaces, composed of gemstones with pebble-like facets, are also central to Aggarwal’s expressive yet low-key collections.  Depending on the transparency of the gemstone, designs hold an earthy or ethereal beauty. 

In designs like her Always Azure Anklet and her Autumn Garland Necklace Aggarwal reveals her penchant for traditional East Indian patterns including embossed surfaces and oxidation.  It is a visual of understated glamour.

“I am greatly influenced by the ancient designs I saw while young.  The vibrant and architectural beauty of Jaipur was a sight I thoroughly enjoyed.  

I would spend time strolling around monuments in the park that were reminiscent of the ancient era of kings and queens.  It has been a long journey to create jewelry.  For me, to be in the field of jewelry is like being in a dreamland.” 

Nature's Muse Stretch Bracelet with Peridot
2013 Jewelry Trend AlertColored gemstones are the name of the game this year and Aggarwal provides plenty.  The green hues of malachite, peridot, and jade in particular are on point for the year as well as flirty tassel accents. 
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