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Glass Pacolab Ring with
Metal Inlay
Acclaimed for its art, fashion and architecture Paris, France is among the world’s top tourist destinations.

A city known for its bustling night life, and educational centers, such as the Louvre, Paris has something for

France is also home to featured jewelry designer Amelie Riech.

In many cases, such as the collections of Janis Kerman (Canada) or Carolyn Bensinger (USA), the modern jewelry niche rests between the fringes of contemporary art jewelry and classic design. This style is often a marriage of restrained proportions offset by unique materials and arrangement.

Riech’s super chic choker necklaces of gold-coated porcelain and cuff bracelets of laminated glass are a showcase of this style marriage.  The ultra-smooth surfaces, geometric outlines and monochromatic colors are a captivating presentation of simple and strong; commanding and subtle.

A former fashion designer and stylist, Riech’s creative energy flows readily.  That flow of creative vigor is changeable moving Riech through different byways to express the rustle of inspiration inside her. 

Juggling responsibilities in both Paris and her native Berlin, she worked for prominent international fashion houses.  It was not until 2008 that designing jewelry became a powerful interest, and UNCOMMON MATTERS was born.
Laminated Glass Elements Pacolab Cuff Bracelet
Riech’s glossy, futuristic style bypasses trends while remaining solidly fashionable.  Gold tones offset by black, highlighted in her 2012 Pacolab series, is haute yet low-key.  

The body molding porcelain forms of her 2009 AU [79] series are runway ready in their clean, uncluttered silhouettes.  Each of her collections reflects a designer with a definite point of view.

“At the time I launched my brand I was full of ideas.  Every item is made by hand.  It is a complex and exciting process of developing techniques to mold and shape materials to the body.  

I have a deep emotional fascination with traditional handicraft.  I tend to work very intuitively to apply unexpected function and perception to a material,” she explains.

“My aesthetic evolves subconsciously through my fashion background, way of living and visual experiences.  For example, I have been fascinated by light – kaleidoscopes, mirrors, crystals and such things since childhood; and my Pacolab series is inspired by light.

To me, light is magic.  In the end I consider my pieces as art objects that can stand for themselves or underline the personality of a unique woman.”

Porcelain Plastron Necklace Painted with Gold
2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   Riech’s penchant for clean, geometric patterns is the focal point of her design style and these are big pieces to boot which makes her on trend for the year.
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