Monday, July 15, 2013


18K Gold Cross Pendant Necklace
Built during the time of Muslim rule the Blue Mosque, located in Yerevan, Armenia, is characterized by its Iranian style exterior consisting of jeweled blue and yellow tiles.

Armenia is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Hratch Nargizian.

The cogent beauty of Nargizian’s reclaimed 18-karat gold and sterling silver jewelry collections is nothing short of the grandeur and opulence of days long gone. 

The luminous visual of his 18-karat gold Ra Ring, for instance, highlight superlative hand engraved wing details that is adjoined with the stunning indigo blue of a lapis lazuli setting.

The design is reminiscent of baubles fit for Egyptian royalty.  The juxtaposition of the intense blue lapis and gold resembles water held in an exquisite vessel.

His graceful and sculptural cuff bracelets and pendant necklaces that showcase filigree, and repoussé reflect the talent of a master craftsman.   Make no mistake; this is old school artisanship.  

For instance, a lot of zodiac charm jewelry is made using simple glyph symbols or basic physical representations.  Nargizian, on the other hand, builds ornamental, physical symbols complete with shadings and dimension.
18K Gold Filigree Ra Ring
Designs also highlight engraved beetle’s wings, “rough skin”, and expressive nature-inspired leaf, sea urchin and snake jewelry.  

Although the metalwork takes center stage, Nargizian makes captivating yet subtle use of gemstone accents that include green rutilated quartz, diamond, ruby and emerald round out his powerful yet elegant style. Again this is an aesthetic that does not let you forget jewelry making is truly an art form.

“I am a fifth generation metalsmith,” says Nargizian, “I learned the craft from my family.  I then attended Yerevan’s art and craft school with focus on engraving, drawing and render-ship.  I was an apprentice with Garobetand Valodia where I honed die cutting and repoussé.

I developed an interest in ancient Armenian architecture.  I made rubbings of stone carvings from ruins I found while hiking.  I noticed the language of patterns and symbols.  This led me to study myths, legends and fairytales which have become a theme in my collections.

I strive to create a historical record in the form of heirlooms and amulets that will be handed down through the ages.”
18K Gold Hand Engraved Bracelet
with Diamonds and Sapphires

2013 Jewelry Trend Alert:   One of the top style trends for the year is the color green and Nargizian has it covered with green rutilated quartz and emerald.  

The slithering snake is a hot symbol for 2013 and is also part of Nargizian’s striking jewelry collection.
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