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 Sterling Silver and Meenakari Enamel
Nawait Earrings
The East India town of Uttarakhand holds an imposing and majestic mountain known as the Thalay Sagar.  Standing at over 22,000 feet it is one of the most treacherous summits for climbers.  

However, somewhat milder activities including white-water rafting and skiing are alternative thrill-seeking activities.  India is also the home base to jewelry brand Amrapali.

Whether it is the complex embroidered jewelry creations of Ranjana Khan or the bold, theatrical style of Poonam Soni jewelry from India is always extraordinary.  The colorful, lavish jewelry designs of Amrapali are no exception.

Named for a stunning courtesan the Amrapali brand was established thirty-four years ago by former history majors Rajesh Ajmera and Rajiv Arora. 

The business partners draw liberally from their homeland’s storied jewelry history that dates back to the late Harappan Period and the Mughal Empire.  The design duo manage to strike a fabulous balance between traditional and contemporary styles in 22- and 18-karat yellow gold, emeralds, rubies and pearls.

“Rajesh and I had a common vision,” says Arora, “We wanted to capture the rich heritage and culture of India.  We traveled extensively to the remotest interiors of India.  We immersed ourselves in order to build a luxury jewelry brand infused with Indian culture.”

The brand’s commanding array of bangle bracelets, pendant necklaces and gold hoop earrings is statement making, feminine and elegant all at once.  Every item is beautifully handcrafted regardless to whether they are from the brand’s fine or fashion jewelry collections. 

Cast of 2004 feature film Troy wearing Amrapali Jewelry
The Jessica Ring, a beaut of a cocktail ring from the fashion jewelry line, is one such creation.  Fashioned from glowing 18-karat yellow gold plating and oxidized sterling silver the round disc setting evokes Etruscan influences as gold and blackened silver spheres lightly pepper the setting.

Their 18-karat gold-plated Nawait Earrings feature a dome-shaped drop reminiscent of India’s stunning architecture.  The interplay of gold metal and enamel, and glass beads in rich tones of green and blue is exquisite.  The brand truly embodies ancient civilizations as well as age-old jewelry making techniques spawned from those civilizations.

In fact, a design team from Warner Brothers studio was so captivated with the brand’s magnificent inventory they asked Ajmera and Arora to create jewelry for Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana and Diane Krueger in the 2004 feature period film Troy.

“Pieces for the movie comprised elements of Grecian jewelry, Oriental mysticism and extraordinary Indian tribal jewelry,” says Amrapali’s Head Designer, and son of Rajiv Arora, Tarang Arora.

Amrapali has become a very prominent red carpet name since we did jewelry for Troy.  When a company reaches this stage I think it is very important to keep your designs growing.  It’s important to learn and develop new skills in designing and to constantly give something new and fashionable to the consumer.

18-Karat Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Cairo Circular Groove Ring
We have over 1,200 experienced craftsmen in our workshops where extreme care is devoted to each piece, right from the initial design stage, enabling us to perpetuate our tradition of creativity, and breathtaking craftsmanship.”

Amrapali’s who’s who clientele include Emma Roberts, Halle Berry, Selena Gomez, Rosario Dawson, Debra Messing, Jennifer Hudson, Sandra Bullock, Megan Fox, and Angelina Jolie.

Items from Amrapali’s fashion jewelry collection are available for purchase online at Shop-tulie.com.
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