Sunday, September 23, 2012


Model is Wearing Sterling Silver Tough Linkage Necklace,
Triangled and Gently Squared Rings
Located in the Lunana Yu Autonomous County of China is a remarkable natural wonder of pointed karst formations known as the Chinese Stone Forest.  

These rock formations stand a little over 100 feet and are over 600 years old.  China is also the birthplace of Julie Wee.

Based in Melbourne, Australia Wee’s workspace is cluttered with—among jewelry making materials—planks of Pacific Ebony, lemon tree branches, sterling rod, and a bag of cement.  Each item reflects the silversmith’s restless artistic energy that is taunted by various sources of inspiration.

Based on the jewelry collections featured on her website her four-year-old brand, Miss Wee Jewellery, is yet again another testament that form can bring personality or soul to a piece.  I love the essence of femininity in jewelry.  I love delicacy but I can also appreciate Wee’s no frills, buttoned-down design approach.

Her silver rings, silver pendants and drop earrings are angular, sleek and mechanistic.  Designs are created without embellishment and the presentation of the brushed finished sterling silver is so clear-cut the jewelry seems humorless, almost cold.  Worn by models, however, the geometric angles suddenly take on a chic and urbane face.
Sterling Silver Taper Lesson Modern
Ring with Brushed Finish
“I have a vast and varied palette of knowledge from which to draw.  I have studied jewelry making, fashion design, pattern making and garment construction.  After visiting Peru and watching the silversmiths I developed a love for jewelry.  I loved Peru!  I went back to Australia and studied jewelry making.”

Without a doubt architecture, which is intrinsically linked to geometry, inspires the designer’s unabashedly pared down aesthetic but she is eager to experiment. 

Model is Wearing Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
“Industrial and geometric influences are the brand’s signature.  Squares, hexagons and triangles dominate.  My style is all about shape, character and simplicity.

I have an ongoing mission to master the art of simplicity. At the same time, I love experimenting and I think creativity blossoms during this process.”
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