Monday, September 3, 2012


Fringe Necklace with Tiger's Eye

Idyllic beauty courtesy of lush gardens, an impressive selection of water fountains and statues is a part of Italy’s stunning Villa d’ Este.  Italy is also the home base to fifteen-year-old jewelry brand Iosselliani.

The brainchild of one-time literature major Paolo Giacomelli and interior designer Roberta Paolucci, Iosselliani is a brand that is on trend with tribal influences, fringe and feathers.  It is high-fashion meets bohemian rock ‘n roll with skull cameos, gunmetal chains, and brass cobra rings accented with tiger’s eye.

“The research Roberta and I do for our jewelry collections is based on searching out unique materials and jewelry making techniques,” says Giacomelli.  

“Although I make all the prototypes for our collections, Roberta and I collaborate with a team of artisans to create items that fuse stainless steel mesh and sterling silver as well as implementing hand-carved crystals.”

Named for the family moniker of Giacomelli’s great-grandmother, Iosselliani’s eye-catching sterling silver bangle bracelets, fringe necklaces and stacking ring sets are tempered by somewhat reserved imagery while still maintaining an edgy undercurrent.

Set of 4 Silver and Brass Rings
“We love taking traditional icons like the skill and translating them into a new perception of details, creating a transversal, contemporary piece of jewelry,” says Giacommelli. 

“Over the years jewelry has gone through phases of significance.  Presently jewelry is becoming far more important.  We design what we really like—we love unpolished silver and oxidation.  We love vivid materials and classic Italian jewelry.  
Set of 5 Bangle Bracelets

We make custom jewelry using traditional goldsmith techniques.  I learned goldsmithing while apprenticing in Rome so craftsmanship is the essence of an Iosselliani piece.”

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