Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Crochet Wire Pearl Earring
Located in Istanbul, Turkey is the lavish Dolmabahçe Palace.  Constructed during the mid-1800s, the palace boasts some of the most spectacular amenities known to the world.

They include an elaborate staircase and ceilings gilded with gold leaf.  Turkey is also the birthplace of featured jewelry designer Semiha Durak.

Durak’s four-year-old brand, Güzel Jewelry Design, includes a collection of stunning, ethereal crochet wire jewelry; these creations are a fine example of simplicity tempered with innovation. 

Her gossamer-like renderings of intricately looped copper and silver wires can be changed by stretching a clean, linear pattern into different shapes of the wearer’s choice.

Choker necklaces dangle earrings, and bracelets alike can be easily reset by “stretching it [the design] from both ends and flattening it with your fingers.”  This lovely, modern jewelry line, called Creita, literally brings a new twist to personalized jewelry.

“Creita is a jewelry line utilized on creative self-expression,” says the San Francisco-based designer.  “It is lightweight and it has no sharp points to tangle on clothing or on hair.  Creita gives you a chance to create a new and unique look every time you wear it.”

These buoyant handmade jewelry designs embody femininity and elegance therefore making them perfect for bridal jewelry.  Small, sterling silver beads, pearls and unique silver pendants (including the Evil Eye) can also be added to these lithe, sinuous creations providing more differentiation.

“I first developed my love and appreciation for handmade jewelry when I lived in my homeland of Istanbul, Turkey.  My brand’s name Güzel means beautiful in Turkish,” says Durak. 

Crochet Wire Pearl Necklace
“My jewelry takes you on a journey through time, history and art with a blend of cultural tradition fused with the latest in modern jewelry designs of Turkey. 

It is my sincere pleasure to bring to you the unique beauty of Turkish jewelry.”
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