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Sterling Silver and Amethyst Leaf Trio Pendant Necklace
Located in the Bali village of Ubud is the Amandari Resort.  

The resort contains a plethora of stunning, natural landscapes that include the Ayung River Gorge and lush forests.  

Indonesia is also home to featured jewelry designer Priyo Salim.

As I stated in other posts referencing jewelry artisans from this particular region, many Indonesian jewelry designers are keeping a grand tradition of craftsmanship and artistry alive in their beautiful hand fabricated pieces.

Granulation—a technique that involves laying out complex patterns of polished, small silver beads on silver—is a style widely implemented by Balinese jewelry makers. 

The technique of repoussé however--hammering from the reverse side to create a design in low relief--is another traditional skill that was passed on by 17th century Dutch settlers to silversmiths in Java.

Salim is a 21st century designer who has preserved these astonishingly beautiful decorative styles in his sterling silver jewelry creations.  Although Salim is the son of a silversmith, and he harbored a passive inclination to produce silver works, he initially had no interest in following in his father’s footsteps.
Sterling Silver and Onyx Sensational Cocktail Ring
Having majored in cartography, Salim was poised to become a civil servant; however, his father’s request to continue the family tradition became a definitive moment for the 50-year-old.

“This was the most difficult time in my life,” he recalls, “I liked silver but I had other plans for my future and I didn’t know what to do.  I wanted to work in the civil service but life makes you follow your destiny and mine was to be a jewelry designer.”

I am amazed at the level of complexity that Salim gives to even the smallest designs like dangle earrings, and silver rings.  There is a large helping of surface textures that mimic “the intricate textures of a lava flow,” arabesque designs and filigree work.  He allows the flow of Old World and contemporary aesthetics to collide in designs that are truly timeless.
Sterling Silver and Rose Quartz Faith Pendant Bracelet

“When I took over my father’s workshop, I had a cultural goal—to apply the repoussé technique in my designs in order to revive a tradition that had almost disappeared. 

The survival of this traditional technique will open the door for many up-to-date applications.

My designs have been well accepted. I have received awards in jewelry competitions and the Indonesian presidential office asked me to create souvenirs for their programs including the 2003 Asian Summit.  

I enjoy this work.  I love it and I am really happy because I found the right path in life.”
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