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Initially built as a summer residence for the Bishops of Plock, the stunning Jablonna Palace, located in Jablonna, Poland, presently serves as a hotel, convention center, and romantic setting for weddings. Poland is also home to featured jewelry designer Beata Dziegielewski.

I speculate that diamonds are probably viewed as the quintessential gemstone in the eyes of the public as well as the jewelry industry.

Diamonds are classic, durable and unmistakably beautiful, a timeless representation of loyalty and love.

However, many jewelry designers, as well as jewelry patrons, favor the qualities of other gemstones.

The striking creations of Devon Leigh Sedlacek (USA) highlights a variety of gorgeous, sliced, semi-precious stones while the soft, pastel hues of tourmaline is a favorite of Lorenz Bäumer (France), and the stunning pearl designs of Donna Chambers (USA) are some of the most unique I have seen.

A native of Poland, growing up along the Baltic Sea coastline, Dziegielewski fell in love with the distinctive and luminous resin, amber. "When I was a little girl, I use to wander along the beach and I started collecting small pieces of amber that was thrown away by the sea," she recalls.

"I kept them all and later used them for jewelry making. That is how my story began. I have an innate talent for making jewelry so I started studying jewelry making on my own. I have always been successful in making exquisite pieces.

Having no formal training in jewelry making did not stop me from further exploring my interest in Baltic Sea jewelry. That I had no formal training also didn't matter to galleries or trade show organizers when they purchased and exhibited my jewelry."

The collections of Dziegielewski's company, AmberBeata, include four variations of amber: cognac (the best known), butterscotch, cherry, and green.

The bulk of her catalog items contain sleek, modern creations that feature amber resin carved into smooth butterfly, heart, dragonfly, and leaf pendants offset by sterling silver or 14-karat gold.

Each color variation is also carved into organic structures, and in some designs the variations are combined. The sterling silver is a beautiful contrast to each amber variation, but the reddish-brown glow of the hypnotic cognac variation, paired with 14-karat gold, is comparable to a dollop of encapsulated honey.

Dziegielewski's one-of-a-kind collections--Edi-Beti, Mabe Pearls, Earth's Art, Simple Elegance, and Brazilian Crystal and Amber--are a stunning display of the designer's bold, provocative style. These pieces, like her Sun Flower Cuff, are some of the most dynamic amber jewelry I have seen thus far.

"If I had to categorize my work, I would say that I don't shy away from any shape or form. I like experimenting with amber colors and various types of silver from liquid to oxidized. Most of my jewelry is hand made; in some, the finish on the silver is hand-hammered or hollow filigree.

My style is focused around the stone, not the design that pre-exists meaning.  I find the stone first and then get ideas on how to expose its beauty even more. I love the depth of amber and how light and warm it is."

She pairs the resin with Brazilian crystals, turquoise, amethyst, moss agate, and Crystallized Swarovski Elements expanding and building powerful, statement-making pieces. It is truly a feast for the eyes!

"Working with amber is easy and allows a lot of imagination to be put to work. Amber is easy to cut and carve and due to this they make great cameos and brooches. There are no two identical pieces of amber, which means every person who wears amber owns a one-of-a-kind piece.

I combine years of experience with artistic vision that results in a beautiful line of jewelry for women all over the world who love unique amber creations."

For more on Baltic Amber and AmberBeata's creation process, be sure to view the company's promotional video.

Photo 1 (top right): Green Amber and Sterling Silver Leaf Pendant Necklace
Photo 2 (center): Gold Plated and Oxidized Hammered Silver Sun Flower Cuff Bracelet with Butterscotch Amber

Photo 3 (bottom left): Cognac Amber Ring in 14-Karat Gold
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