Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Situated in Tel Aviv, Israel are three magnificent skyscrapers that compose the Azriel Center. The center houses a mall, restaurants, and an 8-screen cinema. Israel is also home to jewelry designing team Adi Prachya and Sami Leder.

Enamored with arts since childhood, twenty-seven-year old Prachya put her art history studies to superlative use when she and sculptor Leder co-founded their company, Adina Plastelina, six years ago.

Incorporating traditional Israeli and Jewish iconography as the basis of their design aesthetic, the jewelers use a 7th century glasswork technique known as millefiori to create glossy, enamel patterns on the surface of polymer clay.

I am as much intrigued by the creation process as I am intrigued by a designer's creative process. I was surprised to learn that since polymer clay is very supple and does not require heating or reheating to fuse, the application of enamel goes on cold. The results are obviously just as stunning as enameling techniques that require firings.

Offset with 18-karat gold- and rhodium-plated sterling silver, the myriad of gorgeous colors placed within streamlined outlines of dragonflies, hearts, butterflies and the Star of David is dynamic.

"Our art is the result of tremendous emotional and laborious work," says Prachya. "Our jewelry is characterized by inspiration, and optimistic elements that highlight vivid colors and is especially suited for those of us with "joie de vivre (joy of life)".
Photo 1 (top right): 18-Karat Gold-Plated Sterling Silver and Cold Enamel Butterfly Earring
Photo 2 (center): 18-Karat Gold-Plated Sterling Silver and Cold Enamel Heart Pendant
Photo 3 (bottom left): 18-Karat Gold-Plated Sterling Silver and Cold Enamel Star of David and Peace Dove Ring
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