Tuesday, November 20, 2012


14K Gold Filled Link Chain Necklace with Horn
There are plenty of things to do and see when visiting Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Situated along the Mayan Riviera, this exotic locale offers fun beach activities including sailing, scuba diving and swimming.

Mexico is also home to featured jewelry designer Gabriela Artigas.

Thirty-year old Artigas possesses what I like to call kinetic creativity.  She constantly envisions different combinations of styles and materials: classic lines with bold accents; rough quartz and copper chains; Swarovski crystals and supple leather. 

Her striking assortment of chain link necklaces, 14-karat gold plated rings, and drop earrings transcend categorization as they are hybrids of statement making, tribal, boho-casual and chic wrapped in an air of refinement.

Known for wearing a diamond stud earring in one ear and a gold hoop earring in the other, Artigas’ personal style reflects this experimental design approach.  Her first piece of jewelry was a cuff bracelet fashioned from a toothbrush. 

“I was struck by the vibrant colors of a particular toothbrush brand so I removed the bristles and molded it into a cuff.  That prompted me to try making jewelry using other materials.  I designed my first collection in 2003,” says the former textile design student.
14K Yellow Gold Plated Pedestal Ring
“I find beauty in the awkward.  My creative process is not about inspiration, but about the conversation I have with the materials.  It is about the process of sitting down and playing with surfaces, shapes, textures and how they relate to the body.”

And play she does blending moderate sized blue spheres and brass spikes, as well as implementing asymmetrical tusks and braided silver chains.  Designs are at once commanding and remarkably feminine; a reflection of strength and grace. 

Simple rope-inspired rings, weighty vintage chains and bold charms reflect the designer’s restless changeability.  For this reason each of her handmade jewelry collections is a limited edition comprised of just a few pieces.

“Keeping numbers low forces me into perpetual reinvention. A piece’s production cycle is rarely continued after its initial run.

The collections evolve and change throughout time.  A reinvention is not dictated by the fashion cycle of summer or winter but by a slower and thorough commitment towards craft.”

Artigas’ eclectic limited collections also have pretty reasonable price points starting at $90 for her dainty oxidized sterling silver Knot Ring.
White Horn Tusk and 14K Gold Filled Chain Earrings

A selection of items from Artigas’ fashionable jewelry collection is available to buy online at the designer’s online shop HouseonGenesee.com.
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