Monday, May 23, 2011


Oxidized Sterling Silver Scorpion
Pendant Necklace with Tsavorite Eyes
Holding an array of modern art dating back to 1990 is London, England’s Tate Modern gallery. 

Eclectic art spanning the work of Claude Monet to Andy Warhol is exhibited on separate levels of the building.  England is also home to featured jewelry designer Philippa Holland.

Among the top jewelry trends for 2011 are strong, edgy motifs.  Holland’s high-end woodland theme jewelry collections including Ode to Artemis, Nature’s Tricks, English Folk, and to some degree her men’s jewelry line, reflect her deep fascination with natural landscapes and the tiny creatures that live amidst the glorious scenery.

An alumna of the Gemmological Institute of London, Holland studied “The History of Jewellery” at Sotheby’s where she became enamored with the Art Nouveau era. 

By 2003, she embarked on a career in jewelry design.  Upon carefully selecting “highly skilled craftsmen in small workshops,” she officially launched her namesake designer jewelry brand in 2006.

Holland’s self-described “chic with a touch of bohemian” personal style is a good way to describe her jewelry collections of sterling silver, 22-, 18-, and 9-karat gold plating, and accents of precious and semi-precious gemstones and enamel.

18-Karat Gold-Plated Eye Ring with Onyx Center
and Tourmalines
The previously referenced Ode to Artemis and Nature’s Tricks collections respectively feature life-like semblances of moths, spiders, bumblebees, beetles and scorpions, as well as daisies, buttercups, dog rose, and sycamore leaves.  The overall vibe of these collections evoke the airy first days of spring that spills over into a less buoyant, darker tone. 

Holland collects the “pieces” for her jewelry during daily visits to England’s Savernake Forest.  The exquisite detail particularly of the insect-inspired items that include oxidized silver pendants, silver earrings, and brooch pins is captured through a process of electro-forming inspired by Renaissance ceramic makers.

The taxidermy-like renderings are so realistic looking they make my skin crawl; but perhaps the less squeamish would appreciate the spider’s inherent symbolism of creativity and rebirth.

Oxidized Sterling Silver and Enamel
Beetle Ring
Holland’s other collections include charm jewelry, initial necklaces, engraved gold disc necklaces, gemstone rings, wedding jewelry and the hard bitten men’s jewelry collection imbued with Norse legend, vertebrae, raven skulls, Buddhas, and sexy leather bracelets.

Her sterling silver, gold and fashion jewelry collections are an interesting, lyrical vision of a touch of darkness commingled with light, love and fairytales.

Selected pieces from her collections are available at online stores and
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