Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sterling Silver Florid Finesse Collar Pearl Necklace
There is a plethora of sun-drenched beaches to see in northern Peru.  

Among these is Mancora Beach; a touch of heaven on Earth where the sun shines nearly every day and the color of the sea transforms from emerald green to blue.  Peru is also home to featured jewelry designer Patricia Jara.

Sometimes classically styled jewelry seems equivalent with playing it safe. 

At times the baubles of one designer jewelry brand can become indistinguishable from another. 

Though Jara’s handmade silver jewelry designs are classic and modern in terms of what might be expected from Peruvian jewelry it is not stale or lacking in stylistic detail.

There is an earthy, rustic beauty to her silver pendants, silver rings and silver cuff bracelets that is reminiscent of Native American jewelry from the American Southwest. 

Luminous gemstones with smooth, level facets are the focal point of both aesthetics while the cool tones of sterling silver serve as accents.  However, the self-taught Jara certainly does not ignore the precious metal engraving surface textures and sculpting it into lithe forms.
Sterling Silver Amazon Vision Chandelier Earrings

Calling upon various influences that include Incan ideologies, the Chancay culture, and the lush flowers found in the Andean mountain regions, Jara creates sleek, contemporary designer jewelry like her sterling silver and carnelian Incandescent Pendant Necklace that contrast the delicate, ethereal beauty of her sterling silver and pearl Florid Finesse Necklace.
Sterling Silver Duality Rose Quartz
and Amazonite Rings

 “My artistic formation is a personal search as I am entirely self-taught.  I find nourishment within the art of our ancestors, the experience of master artisans, and the influence of foreign designers. 

I seek to develop products with both a sense of personal identity yet appeals to international tastes.  Handicrafts are my life’s passion. 

It allows me to be in contact with my pueblo—people with a very special philosophy about life that encloses an innate art in their hands.”
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