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18-Karat Yellow Gold and Diamond
Bang Bang Pendant Necklace 
One of the largest cities in Morocco is perhaps its most famous.  The city of Casablanca is more than the romantic, exotic setting depicted in the film of the same name. 

It is Morocco’s economic capital yet the city is also known for the world’s largest mosque, Hassan II Mosque.  Morocco is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Vanessa Mimran.

From what pieces of info I have read, the traditional Moroccan aesthetic is characterized by alternately vibrant and subtle details.  Men and women respectively wear subdued and vividly decorated versions of the garment known as djellaba.

Moroccan architecture, known as Dar, is also highlighted by dual styles of simple exteriors while interiors are elaborately arranged with embroidered pillows, and patterned tile work.
18-Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Aziyade Ring
Of Moroccan and American lineage, Mimran seems to draw from this longstanding design approach incorporating clean yet distinctive patterns in her airy, 18-karat gold and diamond designer jewelry.
The France-based designer, who was born in Geneva, Switzerland, studied Art History and jewelry design at New York University and Parsons The New School of Design, respectively.  She would later establish her workshop in France officially launching her label, Nessa Jewelry, in 2006.

Her collections of chain-link bracelets, gold pendants, and gold diamond rings highlight the semblances of nature in open, lace-like patterns.  In fact, lace fabric is the singular inspiration behind the lovely selections of pieces featured at online jewelry store FrenchJewellery.com.

For me, the crisp sophistication of her precise designs is reminiscent of longstanding Swiss brand Piaget and French-Vietnamese designer Jean Dinh Van.  Like her colleagues, Mimran does not rely on grandiosity opting instead to keep outlines sleek and clean. 
18-Karat Yellow Gold Snake Bracelet with
White Diamonds

The result is highly stylized yet intricate, cut-out patterns of snake forms, tiger faces, and the sun. This is classic yet modern jewelry distinguished by the lack of showy fanfare in exchange for clear-cut beauty.
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