Monday, April 11, 2011


With an interior requiring four hours to explore, Poland’s Malbork Castle is renowned as Europe’s largest “medieval fortress.”  

Built during the late 13th century, the structure was named after the Virgin Mary and consists of three smaller castles.  Poland is also home to featured jewelry designer Klementyna Pielaszkiewicz.

The personal interests and passions of a jewelry designer often spill over into his or her jewelry creations which in turn add an intangible level of dimension to their pieces. 

The well-traveled Pielaszkiewicz completed her high school studies in Pakistan, and studied design while living in England.  At the age of 26 she graduated from Gdansk, Poland’s Academy of Fine Arts where she received a degree in industrial design. 

Travels to Holland, Jordan, Spain, Italy, and Thailand round out Pielaszkiewicz’ palette of inspiration; however, she chooses to interpret these influences within minimalism.

The designer’s aesthetic is alternately unglamorous and complex with pared down, mechanistic arrangements contrasted by intricate “commercial” designs.  Based on her online gallery, Pielaszkiewicz’ signature work is sterling silver jewelry accented with chunks of raw, cognac amber.  She displays great restraint particularly with her sterling silver pieces fashioned without gemstone accents.

Brush, matte finishes provide a crisp, industrialized appearance to silver rings, cuff bracelets, and silver pendants.  The inclusion of slight to heavy oxidation draws attention to the battered, worn over look to pieces like her Embra Sterling Silver Bracelets.  Even so, this lack of va-va-va voom sets her designer jewelry apart.

It does not end there as Pielaszkiewicz also dabbles with any array of materials including felt, leather, shells, and plastic creating practical versions of contemporary jewelry.  Online jewelry store features a nice collection of her modern jewelry designs that highlight sterling silver overlaid with various hues of felt with cut-out, floral patterns.

Pielaszkiewicz also creates stunning, engraved gold-plated earrings and cuff bracelets the surface pattern of which is overlaid with colorful polymers.  

Last but not least the designer also excels at creating gorgeous mosaic patterns combining variations of silk, leather, cotton, viscose, linen and Lycra.
Photo 1 (top right):  Steel and Felt Floral Motif Cuff Bracelet
Photo 2 (center):  Sterling Silver Attoo Ring
Photo 3 (bottom left):  Turquoise Polymers and Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
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