Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The Mexican state of Oaxaca is a great location for finding intact structures built during Pre-Columbian times. One such place to visit is the sleepy town of San Pablo Villa de Mitla. Mexico is also home to featured jewelry designer Rosanna Trejo.

Perhaps best known for silver production, and silversmiths like Antonio Pineda, Mexico is also an area known for its varied and colorful ceramic earthenware.

Pre-Columbian cultures including the Teotihuacans, the Olmecs, and the Aztecs highly influence the techniques and styles of modern ceramic pottery.

Trejo revisits time-honored ceramic handicrafts enlisting the ancient techniques to cultivate fun, festive designer jewelry. Those with inhibitions need not apply as watermelon slices, Mexican mugs, apples, and chili peppers are a few items immortalized in vivid, ceramic jewelry that is accented with wood and glass beads.

The former pre-school teacher embarked on a jewelry making career 32-years ago choosing to “feature regional elements like fruits, exotic birds, and Frida Kahlo” into her distinctive handmade jewelry designs.

Jewelry is all about personality; that of the designer and the wearer. This is not classic jewelry; it is playful and quirky.

It ultimately requires a certain mind-set; a personality that appreciates humor and a sense of frivolity. Cloris Leachman’s blithe and uproariously eccentric antics are a perfect fit with the bold colors, and dead-on replications.

I love the play of colors—the greens, reds, yellow—and the arrangement of the life-like shapes. I have not seen a lot of fruit-inspired jewelry done in this way.

Trejo foregoes the simple, strawberry pendant necklace instead creating beautiful lei-like necklaces and charm bracelets drenched with ceramic fruit.

“I love the handicrafts from my beloved Mexico,” says Trejo, “My collections are influenced by Mexican attires, and varied details of my country’s culture.”
Photo 1 (top right): Ceramic Watermelon Chic Bracelet
Photo 2 (center): Ceramic and Pearl Frida’s Little Deer Jewelry Set
Photo 3 (bottom left): Ceramic Tropical Cocktail Jewelry Set
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