Friday, May 7, 2010


The precise excavation of reddish-brown pebbles from the arid surface of Peru's Nazca Desert reveals etched lines in the form of man, flora, and fauna.

These lines known as the Nazca Lines are over a thousand years old and are believed to remain there for thousands of years to come. Peru is also the home of featured jewelry designer Carlos González.

A second-generation jeweler, González' curiosity about his father's profession led him to study how his father channeled his skill and creativity.

"My father was my guide into the art world. Initially I was curious but I didn't give much attention to it until later," he recalls.
"I never attended workshops or courses, as my father was my teacher. I learned by observing."

González works with sterling silver, and a bevy of semi-precious gemstones that includes rhodochrosite, chrysocolla, and amazonite.  He primarily selects stones of dark or muted hues, pale and dusky blues, pink and yellow-green. He chooses simple facets with rounded edges, somewhat flat, smooth contours placed in nearly inlay settings.

The sterling silver outlines are hammered or granulated but the texture is a subtle accent within streamlined and elegant configurations. Several of the items featured on González' Novica page, such as the Imperial Eyes Bracelet, are collaboration pieces with Ecuadoran fashion designer Roberto de Villacis for his Machu Picchu Collection.

These pieces, fashioned from sterling silver, are inspired by the "Inca dynasty." Several cuffs for this collection are bold, curvaceous open designs with chrysocolla accents.

The whole of González' work is organic and somewhat primal in its details. The soft colors of the gemstones take center stage in designs that are ultimately sleek and clean. González switches things up a bit with a few pieces configured from luminous gold vermeil.

"I have dedicated myself to this art from for more than 25 years," he says. "I'm always searching. I am always creating letting new ideas come to mind one after another."

Photo 1 (top right): Chrysocolla Fang Hunger Necklace with Black Leather Chord
Photo 2 (bottom left): Gold Vermeil and Amazonite Radiant Chic Earrings
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