Thursday, October 22, 2009


Loosely Woven Sterling Silver Bracelet
with Black Lacquer, Gold and Amber
The Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna in Austria houses an enormous collection of plants for research and conservation purposes.

Research ranges from testing for bioactive substances to observation of Old World species. Austria is also the home of featured jewelry designer Anna Heindl.

In the jewelry industry, the country of Austria is world renowned as the location where Daniel Swarovski, over a century ago, established his superlative glass cutting company.

Since the company's inception, beautiful jewelry featuring prime, Austrian crystals has become a staple in jewelry designs from all over the world.

At the same time, however, not all Austrian jewelry artists implement Austrian crystals in their designs. One such designer is Heindl who is a graduate of Vienna's University of Applied Arts where she studied metal design.

Heindl's unique creations follow specific, nature-inspired themes from landscapes to horizons to the human ear. "My pieces are informed by themes that can preoccupy me for several years," she explains. "I am interested in human interventions in nature and the drawing of boundary lines."

The jewelry is an eclectic blend of unusual, conversation-making items that are also wearable. There is a ring design resembling a wrapped bouquet of flowers formed with thin, cylindrical pieces of 18-karat gold acting as stems while small, faceted gemstones seem to bloom from them.

18-Karat Gold Sonnensaphir Ring with Rubine,
Sapphire, Beryl, and Mandarin Gemstones
Adding to the distinctive array is a bracelet made from a web of black lacquered silver holding a splatter of gemstones, and earrings resembling cutout, tiny gold receptacles.

Heindl's jewelry has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Holland, Austria, France, Japan, and the United States.

More of Heindl's creations can be viewed at

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