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Sterling Silver and Lapis Brooch Pin
The magnificent Royal Castle of Stockholm in Sweden, built with sandstone and brick, houses over 600 rooms and functions as the reigning king's, Karl XVI Gustaf, workplace.

Among other duties, his majesty holds nearly a dozen annual dinners and is protected by armed, royal guards at all times.

Sweden is also the hometown of featured jewelry designer Ulla Hornfeldt.

It is always fascinating to see the many professional roads taken by some jewelry designers before adding jewelry artist to their résumé. Architect, screenwriter, makeup artist, actor, model, fashion designer, and marketing executive are a sampling of the roads traveled. Of course, Hornfeldt is not an exception.

Utilizing her brilliant, studious mind in the early 70s Hornfeldt worked for several years gathering scientific data for cancer research. Her research spanned the globe working in laboratories in Stockholm, Berlin, Chicago, and London; and she also co-wrote close to a dozen dissertations on immunology.

By 1977, she made a 180-degree turn enrolling in London's Sir John Cass School of Art studying jewelry and silversmithing. Upon graduating five years later, Hornfeldt set up a workshop in New York's Greenwich Village participating in the city's Contemporary Swedish Silver Exhibition.

Unembellished, sleek geometric forms in silver were Hornfeldt's initial jewelry creations; however, in subsequent years she began implementing 18 and 22-karat gold, and spectacular gemstones like green malachite, aquamarine, beryl, rock crystals, and the always breathtaking blue lapis.

Hornfeldt's current designs blend clean, architectural lines with these magnificent semi-precious stones that are cut to fit the design layout. She manages to maintain the stones' chunky, organic shapes and finishes, which provide great texture.

Many of her designs, particularly some brooches and pendants, are like miniature paintings depicting unusual landscapes and seascapes.

Hornfeldt has since established a workshop in Camden Town, London and in the last 27 years has participated in numerous exhibitions across the globe.
Rock Crystal Necklace with 18-Karat Gold Accents

Regular exhibitions of Hornfeldt's contemporary jewelry take place at the Jackie Chalkley Gallery in Washington, D.C.; the Roger Bilcliffe Gallery in Scotland; the Lesley Craze Gallery in London, England; and the Design Yard in Dublin, Ireland.

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