Friday, September 11, 2009


In 1416 the Duke of Albany licensed James Dundas, of the well-known Dundas Clan, to build what would become the structure known as the Dundas Castle in Scotland.

Some members of the Dundas Clan fought in a few of the country's historic battles alongside William Wallace, and Robert the Bruce. Scotland is also the hometown of jewelry designer Alison Reid.

A full-time Human Resources Manager, Reid enjoys tapping into her creative side during her spare time. A self-described "crafty" person, in 2006 she got back into the habit of drawing to unwind at the end of a hectic day.

She also learned silversmithing, and is particularly fascinated with precious metal clay (PMC). "I love working with a variety of materials, predominantly silver. Precious metal clay is fantastic for textures.

My eye is always roving looking for items to create brilliant textures in the clay," she explains. Reid uses PMC with silver particles supplied by a Japanese recycling company. "It's a fantastic, environmentally friendly material to work with."

Reid also implements gorgeous, semi-precious stones like freshwater pearls--in various hues--pink agate, coral as well as Czech glass, and Swarovski Crystals. Her beautiful, handmade jewelry designs are straightforward in one instance such as her Swirling Silver Water Pink and Reds Necklace; and intricate in others like her Carnelian Sterling Silver Bracelet blending beautiful carnelian stones in a silver mesh.

It is amazing to know that jewelry making is a part-time endeavor for Reid, as there are plenty of items to choose from; then again, she is not short on inspiration.  Her hometown of Edinburgh serves as a major source.

"We have wonderful beaches and countryside, which makes its way into my work. I'm also inspired by other designers.  There is one in the UK who works with resin and silver," she says. "I also adore custom orders. I specialize in bridal custom jewelry. Custom designs give me the opportunity to try something new and I love a new challenge."

Reid also designs "keepsake" fingerprint jewelry for parents. These items, made from sterling silver, feature the fingerprint of a child or young adult set in the metal and fashioned into a charm for a bracelet, or pendant.

"My end game is to produce a beautifully hand crafted item that I am proud of."
Photo 1 (top right): Carnelian Sterling Silver Mesh Bracelet with Carnelian Stones
Photo 2 (bottom left): Sterling Silver Water Pink and Peridot Necklace
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