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14-Karat Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Circle Necklace
Dresden, Germany is the location of the 18th century fortress Zwinger Palace.

Built over the course of eighteen years, this structure holds a museum with a collection of paintings by Raphael.  Germany is also home to featured jewelry brand Bastian Inverun.

Is there anyone who does not want a quality product at affordable prices?  A show of hands please. 

Speaking for myself, I love it that such jewelry artisans as Wendy Culpepper, (USA), Amrita Singh (India), Yuki Mitsuyasu (Japan) and Hovey Lee (China) create striking gold vermeil, costume and sterling silver collections with such great panache their designer jewelry collections literally gives fine jewelry a run for its money.

That brings me to my next question.  Is a piece of jewelry only great because it is super expensive?  For many people that is debatable as in many cases artistry, precious materials and labor-intensive artisanship can determine the ultimate cost of a piece of jewelry.

Considering that jewelry has long been used as a symbol of social status and wealth, it is great to see this mentality shifting.  And while I don’t feel using jewelry as a status symbol will be completely done away with, it is good knowing consumers can obtain great designs and quality materials without exhausting their pocketbooks. 

For nearly forty years, the managing directors and co-owners of Bastian Inverun, Axel Niesing and Axel Fritsch, hold to the very idea that jewelry for the masses should not be inferior in design quality or rendered with cheap materials.
Model Wears Multi-Colored
Stingray Leather Cuff Bracelets
“We have always followed the one and same philosophy: designs that are in line with the latest trends but that are also made using only natural materials—sterling silver, brilliant gold, diamonds and pearls.

We create precious and solid jewelry of the very highest quality and at prices people can afford,” says Niesing.

Overseen by Creative Director, Heidi Fleiss, the award-winning jewelry brand is renowned for its stunning silver and 14-karat gold-plated jewelry collections with dazzling accents of blue topaz, pink quartz, carnelian, and chalcedony.

The brand’s use of sleek, jetsetter type models in its promotional photos give an air of high society and sophistication.  Fleiss’ team of “independent German designers” creates silver rings, cuff bracelets and pendant necklaces that are the very definition of chic, modern jewelry.
Sterling Silver Ring
with Brilliant Diamonds

Hammered or puckered metal surfaces, smooth curvatures, brushed finishes and openwork characterize their stylish, classic aesthetic. 

“Our concept is embodied in our very name: inverun stands for the Latin words ingenuus, verun, unicus which means noble, genuine and unique. 

Our jewelry is the result of meticulous craftsmanship with loving attention to detail."

Items from the Bastian Inverun brand is available to buy at online jewelry store Fey & Co. Jewelers.

For more on Bastian Inverun be sure to check out Director of Photography John Bretherton's promotional video for the brand's 2011 spring/summer collections.

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