Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Summer is well underway in the town of Máncora located in Peru. With its beautiful beaches, and aqua-toned ocean waters this is the perfect place for lounging and surfing.

Peru is also home to featured jewelry-designing team Lily and Sandra Indacochea.

This mother-daughter designing duo is no doubt a set of kindred spirits destined to prepare opals, garnets, and sodalite in alluring jewelry arrangements.

The seeds of destiny were sown during mother Lily's childhood when she found an obsidian arrow while playing with friends on her parents' Nazca Valley ranch. Lily cherished the volcanic glass structure and still has it.

Sandra loved hearing her mother's childhood discovery and Lily's experience would become a definitive one that would ultimately trigger a deep-set fascination with gemstones in both women.

After several years, the women would follow through on their intense attraction to gemstones learning their properties and seeking out high quality specimens in gemstone-laden areas of Peru.

The duo spent hours learning the art of silversmithing.  Through trial-and-error the two women developed a jewelry style that combined sterling silver and magnificent gemstones. In time they would establish their company Indacochea's.

It comes as no surprise that the focal point of the Indacocheas' jewelry is the gemstones with their smooth facets and vivid colors. The aesthetic is clean, simple drawing inspiration from the clouds and sky, orbital trajectories, and the heart symbol.

Their work with sterling silver features voluptuous, full-bodied outlines such as the Happy Hoops Link Bracelet, and the Lucky in Justice Earrings.

The Indacocheas' minimalist aesthetic maintains a smorgasbord of color offset by sculpted silver in curvy proportions that include curls, coils and loops.

The team believes in the uplifting energies living within the gemstones they choose and want to pass this along to the wearers of their jewelry pieces. "Wearing one of our items will fill you with good, positive energy."
Photo 1 (top right): Sterling Silver and Amethyst Orbit Cocktail Ring
Photo 2 (bottom left): Sterling Silver and Sodalite Colors of the Sky Pendant with Cotton Cords
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