Monday, February 15, 2010


Selecting any piece of jewelry for a loved one requires careful consideration. Factors such as their personal style and jewelry preferences should always be kept in mind.

Selecting an engagement ring requires the same considerations; however, the gravity of the overall situation often times interferes with this otherwise straightforward process.

If buying jewelry for your significant other is a regular occurrence, you have a great advantage. Knowing that she has preferences for specific gemstones, yellow gold or clean designs will definitely help in your ultimate selection, and knowing her ring size, of course, is the cherry on top.

Something else important to keep in mind is the proportions of your fiancée's hand. Thicker bands and long-cut gemstones look better on larger hands and flatter slender, long fingers while thin bands and smaller stones accentuate shorter fingers on small hands.

If you have forgotten some of your fiancée's jewelry style, take heart. You can always include your bride-to-be in the selection process, after all the ring is for her. The two of you can decide whether to purchase a ready-made ring from a reputable jeweler or switch it up a bit by getting a ring custom-made.

While custom-designed engagement rings are a tad more expensive, they are fast becoming a popular alternative to ready-made, as many women prefer making this item specific to them and unique. In many cases, jewelers will work within your budget but if your budget is tight, it is recommended to keep designs simple with minimal stones.

Maybe you are planning to make your proposal a surprise, in that case make sure you are very familiar with your bride-to-be's jewelry preferences, otherwise it is recommended to include her family and friends to help you with the metal, stone and style selection.

For more information on selecting or designing an engagement ring, check out and Sharon Jacobsen's article at That concludes this month's Splendor Sidebar.
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