Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today we visit the mysterious freshwater lake Loch Ness in Scotland. A "murky" body of water, filled with peat and mud, it is the country's second largest loch/lake boasting a length of over twenty miles. It is best known as the lair of the purported "Loch Ness" creature. Scotland is also home to featured jewelry designer Susan Kerr.

Floral-inspired motifs are a common theme of many designers' aesthetic from the detailed organic work of David Lee Holland (USA) to the buoyant, floriferous pieces of Jasmine Watson (New Zealand).

Each artist brings a unique palette of inspiration to their nature-based designs; influences that range from the lush varieties of plant-life in Alabama to the expansive, distinctive landscapes of New Zealand.

Kerr imbues a hint of whimsy to this design trend with jewelry items that are streamlined yet a bit unusual. Building her pieces from oxidized and sterling silver, Formica, leather, and semi-precious stones, the graduate of Edinburgh College of Art mixes the materials in ways that cause her pieces to seem more like cute, and delicate appliqué patterns.

"I take inspiration from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. I want to recapture the femininity of that time while also updating it with a contemporary, new interpretation," she says.

Her most uniquely formed items, in my opinion, are her cable necklaces, which are lovely, airy pieces composed of a sterling silver snake chain arranged into three connecting, oblong loops that build a curvy, petal design.

The jewelry is perfect for everyday wear and blending with the wearer to the point, in some cases, of seeming transient. The muted colors and organic shapes add a casual, relaxed quality to the collections.

Kerr's adherence to clean lines and simple forms create a clear visual language that is offset by the somewhat quirky idiosyncrasies of the floral patterns.

Overall, the jewelry style is soft and pretty, keeping within the flowery trend while also maintaining the designer's unique expression.
Photo 1 (top right): Sterling Silver Snake Chain Necklaces with Garnets and Amazonites
Photo 2 (center): Sterling and Oxidized Silver Pattern Brooches with Leather

Photo 3 (bottom left): Sterling and Oxidized Silver Summer Garden Pendant
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