Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Eleven years ago, the London Eye Ferris wheel, located near England's River Thames, officially opened on New Year's Eve, and is still a top tourist attraction. Its circumference carries 32 egg-shaped passenger capsules each representing the London Boroughs. England is also home to featured jewelry designer Kate Hodgson.

Timeless and classic form in jewelry design is central to the creations of such designers as Melissa Joy Manning (USA), and Shona Macaulay Fidgett (Scotland).

Designs often implemented are geometric structures and cultural iconography; however, longstanding Finnish brand Lapponia Jewelry (Lapponia) redefines the concept of classic design with organic, abstract form.

Lapponia's approach to `timeless' jewelry styles, in my opinion, exemplifies that classic form can be subtle yet imperfect and that mere form, however non-descript, is beautiful.

To a certain degree, Hodgson's understated jewelry is also based within subtle, natural composition.

As the collection's name suggests, her Petal Collection highlights the unique qualities of a recognizable form, however the category or species of the petal is unknown making it non-descript in that sense.

Implementing 18-karat yellow and rose gold, sterling silver and platinum, Hodgson works with patinated, oblong petal forms arranging them in circular layouts to create a flower bloom ring and brooch, or placing two, sculpted petals beside each other providing an illusory type form not connected to a flower.

Hodgson's Fold Collection works along the same lines where slivers of folded, patinated metal are arranged into a sleek and highly idiosyncratic setting for a ring. These folded slivers take on an edgy rocker vibe when combined with sterling silver chain links.

In addition to patina, the 11-year-veteran enjoys incorporating different techniques to add subtle color to her "imprint" commitment rings and bangles.

Publications including The Telegraph, Marie Claire, Vogue, and InStyle have featured Hodgson's modestly detailed jewelry in their pages.
Photo 1 (top right): Patinated Sterling Silver Petal Ring
Photo 2 (bottom left): Sterling Silver Imprint-Commitment Rings
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