Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Situated at the summit of Black Mountain in Canberra, Australia is the aptly named Black Mountain Tower, a telecommunication tower that not only provides facilities for communication platforms and dishes but also holds a revolving restaurant, café, and observation deck.

Australia is also the home of featured jewelry designer Jeramie Carter.

Everything about Carter's jewelry creations seems based in classicism from the adherence to clean lines and smooth curves to his specific selection of materials.

Working primarily with cultured pearls, Hematite beads, abalone shells, and sterling silver, the part-time sculptor's pieces incorporate timeless forms.

Circles, triangles, and indigenous Australian fauna and flora are key elements, but his accents of inky oxidation and deeply carved etchings of dragonflies, fish or Jacaranda leaves bring a very primal, organic look to his work.

"My ideas and designs come from things like moonlight on water, the graceful curves of a woman's body, the vivid colors of a coral reef or the invincible lines of Sydney's skyline," he says.

"I believe that we all, subconsciously or not, take into ourselves everything around us. It is the mix of information that gives us opinions; it is why any kind of artist from writers to singers creates."

Carter's collections of sleek, streamlined proportions display a unifying continuity in that the designer does not deviate from key materials he implements to create them.

Although each of his collections highlights a particular theme, the uniformity of materials allows, in my opinion, for either men or women to wear the items.

"This jewelry shows a little of the diversity which I enjoy. I love to play and find it difficult to stay within one theme. Silver is my favorite metal. I love its boldness, clean lines, and unpretentious feel."

The simple beauty of the jewelry with textures of smooth, polished silver or the minutiae of gum leaves and fissures give the items a clear sensuality. They seem as wonderful to explore through touch, as they would be to wear squarely against the skin.

"Designing to me is not something as simple as putting pencil to paper. I compare it more to virtual reality where, in my mind, I visualize the finished piece with incredible clarity.

You cannot create a thing of beauty using only logic and skill. It has to be something of emotion and passion as well."
Photo 1 (top right): Sterling Silver Dragonfly Pendant on Black Cotton Cord with Cultured Pearls
Photo 2 (bottom left): Sterling Silver Walkabout Ring
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