Wednesday, December 2, 2009


One of the most astounding natural wonders is Peru's Amazon River. It is a literal wall of water pouring twenty percent of the total volume of freshwater into the world's oceans.

Peru is also the home of featured jewelry designer Maricarmen Morales-Macedo.

From what I have observed a singular display of either great gemstones, or organic forms of sterling silver is the signature of Peruvian jewelry.

Designs can range from intricate interpretations of an ancient Andean calculator called quipus to an understated owl head made from jade.

Many Peruvian jewelers draw inspiration from their country's storied history and its spectacular natural surroundings. Macedo's pieces encompass traditional Peruvian aesthetics that highlight rustic, textured silver in nature-inspired or geometric forms with accents of vibrant, smooth stones like carnelian and rose quartz.

Her enthusiasm for jewelry making is boundless. "My enjoyment for creating things with my hands led me to take a course in jewelry design. It is the best thing I ever did," she beams.

Macedo's exemplary silversmithing skills highlight brushed, hammered, or glossy finishes and unusual structure like her Connection Earrings;while her deft gemstone selections add striking contrasts, such as her Frozen Flames Earrings.

"The art of jewelry design to me is about simple lines featuring color and textures that make the wearer feel closer to nature.

Each stone proposes its own design, and I search for contrasts I can obtain from different materials," she explains. "That search propels me to strive to translate my ideas into wonderful jewelry items."

Photo 1 (top right): Sterling Silver Sea Drift Necklace
Photo 2 (bottom left): Sterling Silver Mystical Sun Earrings with Carnelian
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